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192. Aponogetonaceae J. Agardh

Aponogeton or Cape-pondweed Family

C. Barre Hellquist ;Robert R. Haynes

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, caulescent; turions absent. Leaves alternate, floating [submersed], petiolate [sessile]; sheath not persisting longer than blade, not leaving circular scar when shed, not ligulate, not auriculate; blade ovate to narrowly lanceolate [linear]; intravaginal squamules (i.e., minute appressed, planate trichomes attached at basal edge) scales, more than 2. Inflorescences terminal, spikes, subtended by spathe, pedunculate; peduncle following fertilization not elongating, not spiraling. Flowers bisexual [unisexual]; subtending bracts absent; perianth present [absent]; tepals 1[--6]; stamens 6--18[--50] in 2--3[--4] series, not epitepalous; anthers distinct, dehiscing longitudinally; pollen ellipsoid; pistils 2--6[--9], distinct, not stipitate; ovules basal-marginal, anatropous. Fruits follicles. Seeds 4; embryo straight.

Genera 1, species 5247 (1 genus, 1 species in the flora): North America, s Africa, and tropical regions of Eastern Hemisphere.


Bruggen, H. W. E. van. 1973. Revision of the genus Aponogeton (Aponogetonaceae): VI. The species of Africa. Bull. Jard. Bot. Natl. Belg. 43: 1--2, 193--233. Bruggen, H. W. E. van. 1985. Monograph of the Genus Aponogeton (Aponogetonaceae). Stuttgart.

Lower Taxon


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