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12. Deiregyne Schlechter, Beih. Bot. Centralbl. 37: 426. 1920.

[Greek deire, neck, and gyne, pistil or woman, referring to sepals that sit on top of ovary and form a necklike extension]

Paul Martin Brown

Herbs, perennial, terrestrial. Roots tuberous, fascicled, fleshy. Stems with foliaceous sheaths. Leaves usually absent at anthesis, basal or cauline, base cuneate. Inflorescences terminally flowered spikes. Flowers resupinate; perianth parts distinct and/or free; sepals similar, basally connivent, forming inflated nectary; lip free, oblong-ovate, arcuate, base conduplicate, apex acute; column partially adnate to dorsal sepal, not inflated adaxially at base; anther ovate-cucullate, margins entire; viscidium rounded; rostellum longer than wide; stigma 2-lobed at apex. Fruits capsules.

Species 14 (1 in the flora): tropical regions, United States, Mexico, Central America (Guatemala).

Lower Taxon


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