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2. Gibasis Rafinesque, Flora Telluriana. 2: 16. 1837.

[Latin gibbus, swollen, and basis, base]

Herbs, perennial or annual. Roots fibrous [tuberous]. Leaves 2-ranked [spirally arranged]; blade sessile. Inflorescences terminal and sometimes axillary, pairs or umbels of cymes, cymes pedunculate, axis sharply angled at junction with peduncle; spathaceous bract absent; bracteoles persistent. Flowers bisexual, radially symmetric; pedicels well developed; sepals distinct, subequal; petals distinct, white [to pink or blue], equal; stamens 6, all fertile, equal; filaments bearded; ovary 3-locular, ovules 2 per locule, 1-seriate. Capsules 3-valved, 3-locular. Seeds 2 per locule; hilum elongate-punctiform to linear; embryotega abaxial. x = 4, 5, 6.

Species 11 (1 in the flora): introduced; neotropical, centered in Mexico.


Hunt, D. R. 1986c. A revision of Gibasis Rafin. American Commelinaceae: XII. Kew Bull. 41: 107--129. Rohweder, O. 1956. Commelinaceae in die Farinosae in der Vegetation von El Salvador. Abh. Auslandsk., Reihe C, Naturwiss. 18: 98--178.

Lower Taxon


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