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66. Macradenia R. Brown, Bot. Reg. 8: plate 612. 1822.

[Greek makros, large, and aden, gland, probably referring to the prominent viscidium, which is often referred to as a “gland”]

Mark W. Chase

Herbs, epiphytic, cespitose. Stems with prominent, elongate pseudobulbs partially covered by bracts. Leaves per sympodium 1, rarely 2, apical, leathery; blade conduplicate, oblong-lanceolate, dorsiventrally flattened, margins entire. Inflorescences racemes, arising from base of pseudobulb, pendent; bracts narrowly triangular. Flowers: petals and sepals oblong-elliptic, distinct and free; lip 3-lobed, without nectar cavity, callus shallow; column with prominent dorsal hood projecting over anther cap, otherwise without wings or arms; stigmatic cavity longitudinal; rostellum prominent, beaklike, projecting outward. Fruits capsules, ellipsoid, ± triangular in cross section.

Species 10–12 (1 in the flora): tropical and subtropical regions of Western Hemisphere.

Lower Taxon


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