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10. Malephora N. E. Brown, Gard. Chron., ser. 3. 81: 12. 1927.

[Greek malle, arm-hole, and pherein, to bear, in reference to the seed pockets of the fruits]

John E. Bleck

Malephora crocea

Credit: John R. Hosking

Shrubs or subshrubs, perennial, succulent. Roots fibrous. Stems erect to prostrate, rooting at older nodes. Leaves cauline, opposite, sessile; stipules absent; blade slightly connate basally, triangular to cylindric, smooth, usually glaucous. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, flowers solitary or in cymes, pedicellate; bracts absent. Flowers showy, tubular, to 5 cm diam.; calyx lobes 4-6, tapered, unequal; petals (including petaloid staminodia) 40-65, distinct, yellow, pink, orange, or reddish to purple; stamens 150, erect, bases often hairy; nectary often present; pistil 8-12-carpellate; ovary mostly inferior, flat apically, 8-12-loculed, each locule with basal pocket containing 1-2 or no seeds; placentation parietal; style absent; stigmas 8-12, plumose. Fruits capsules, persistent, dehiscence loculicidal, not separating into segments; locule lids present, winged. Seeds 75, lenticular, rough; tubercles in rows.

Species 13 (1 in the flora): introduced; Africa.

Lower Taxon


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