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63. Maxillaria Ruiz & Pavon, Fl. Peruv. Prodr. 116, plate 25. 1794.

[Latin maxilla, jawbone; apparently an allusion to the open-mouth appearance of the flower when viewed laterally]

John T. Atwood

Camaridium Lindley; Ornithidium Salisbury; Pseudomaxillaria Hoehne; Sepalosaccus Schlechter

Herbs, epiphytic, rarely terrestrial, cespitose to climbing. Stems reduced [elongate], usually terminated with pseudobulb. Leaves 1–many; blade conduplicate, linear, lanceolate, or elliptic, margins entire. Inflorescences solitary flowers borne laterally within bract or leaf axil of rhizome of mature, immature, or apparently abortive shoots; floral bracts triangular, usually acute. Flowers: sepals and petals nearly same; dorsal sepal erect, concave; lateral sepals adnate to column foot; lip 3-lobed or simple; column not winged, semiterete, with foot at base; pollinia 4, waxy; stigmatic cavity round; rostellum not prominent. Fruits capsules, ellipsoid to obovoid.

Species ca. 650 (2 in the flora): tropical regions, Western Hemisphere.


Atwood, J. T. 1993. A revision of the Maxillaria neglecta complex (Orchidaceae) in Mesoamerica. Lindleyana 8: 25–31. Brieger, F. G. 1977. On the Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae) with sepaline spur. Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 97: 548–574. Hammer, R. L. 1981. Finding new orchids: A contribution to the Orchidaceae of Florida. Fairchild Trop. Gard. Bull. 36(3): 16–18.

1 Plants conspicuously rhizomatous; pseudobulbs conspicuous; sepals less than 1 cm.   1 Maxillaria parviflora
+ Plants cespitose; pseudobulbs absent or hidden from view; sepals more than 1 cm.   2 Maxillaria crassifolia

Lower Taxa


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