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7. Nectandra Rottbøll, Descr. Rar. Pl. Surin. 11. 1776, name conserved.

[Latin nectar, from Greek nektar, and Greek andro, male]

Henk van der Werff

Trees or shrubs , evergreen. Bark dark reddish brown [brown, or gray], smooth with small wartlike lenticels. Leaves alternate. Leaf blade pinnately veined, papery or leathery; surfaces variously pubescent; domatia absent. Inflorescences appearing when mature leaves are present, axillary, panicles, usually many-flowered. Flowers bisexual, 5-17 mm diam.; tepals deciduous, white or greenish, equal, spreading at anthesis, with papillose hairs on adaxial surface; stamens 9, anthers 4-locular, anthers of outer 6 stamens introrse, locules arranged in arc, anthers of inner 3 stamens extrorse; staminodes 3, very small, sometimes absent. Drupe dark blue or black, ± elongate, seated in shallow [or cup-shaped], single-rimmed cupule.

Species ca. 120 (1 in the flora): nearly all neotropical.


Rohwer, J. G. 1993. Lauraceae: Nectandra. In: Organization for Flora Neotropica. 1968+. Flora Neotropica. 65+ vols. New York. Monogr. 60.

Lower Taxon


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