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42. Pavonia Cavanilles, Diss. 2 [app.]: [v]. 1786. name conserved.

[For José Antonio Pavón, 1754–1844, Spanish physician and botanist] [For José Antonio Pavón, 1754–1844, Spanish physician and botanist]

Paul A. Fryxell

Steven R. Hill

Lebretonia Schrank; Malache B. Vogel, name rejected

[Herbs] subshrubs or shrubs, [perennial]. Stems usually erect [prostrate], often stellate-hairy, sometimes glabrate, not [sometimes] viscid. Leaves: stipules usually persistent (early-deciduous in P. paludicola), subulate to filiform; blade usually symmetric, ovate-triangular to hastate-oblong or ovate, not [sometimes] dissected or parted, base truncate to cordate, margins dentate or crenate to subentire. Inflorescences terminal racemes [panicles, capitula], or axillary solitary flowers; involucel present, bractlets persistent, [4–]5–8[–18+], distinct. Flowers: calyx persistent, not splitting symmetrically, not spathaceous, not or scarcely accrescent, not inflated [somewhat inflated], lobes ribbed or unribbed, usually lanceolate-ovate; corolla rotate to tubular, lavender to pink or yellow [white, purple], petal bases auriculate or not; staminal column usually included [exserted]; style 10-branched, (2 per carpel); stigmas 10, capitate. Fruits schizocarps, usually erect, not inflated, not angled, often oblate, dry, [sometimes] indurate, minutely hairy or glabrous; mericarps 5, 1-celled, unornamented [sometimes winged], with spines, or otherwise ornamented, usually indehiscent. Seeds 1 per mericarp, glabrous or hairy. x = 14.

Species ca. 250 (4 in the flora): s United States, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America, s Asia, Africa.

Of the many species of Pavonia, more than 160 are South American; the genus is also well represented in Africa. The South American P. multiflora A. St.-Hilaire has been introduced to California gardens as an ornamental shrub; it is self-sterile and not known to have become naturalized.

SELECTED REFERENCE Fryxell, P. A. 1999. Pavonia. In: Organization for Flora Neotropica. 1968+. Flora Neotropica. 109+ nos. New York. No. 76.

1 Leaf blades broadly ovate, margins obscurely dentate to subentire; inflorescences terminal racemes; petals pale yellow or yellow-green, 12–18 mm; stream banks and brackish estuaries.   3 Pavonia paludicola
+ Leaf blades ovate to hastate, margins crenate or dentate; inflorescences axillary solitary flowers; petals yellow or lavender to pink, 15–25 mm; habitats away from coast   (2)
2 (1) Petals yellow; mericarps 3-spined, spines 6–7 mm, retrorsely barbed.   4 Pavonia spinifex
+ Petals lavender to pink; mericarps without spines   (3)
3 (2) Leaf blades ovate-triangular to hastate-oblong, petioles to 1/3 length of blades; calyces 6–8 mm; fruits 6 mm diam.   1 Pavonia hastata
+ Leaf blades ovate, petioles 1/2–1 times length of blades; calyces 9–12 mm; fruits 8–9 mm diam.   2 Pavonia lasiopetala

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