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60. Pteroglossaspis Reichenbach f., Otia Bot. Hamburg. 67. 1878.

[Greek pteron, wing, glossa, tongue, and aspis, shield]

Gustavo A. Romero-González

Triorchos Small & Nash

Herbs, terrestrial, cespitose. Stems cormlike pseudobulbs. Leaves wilting at end of growing season, basal, nearly petiolate; blade plicate, not articulate with leaf sheaths. Inflorescences lateral, from base of pseudobulb, racemes, erect. Flowers resupinate, inconspicuous; sepals and petals converging [usually spreading], distinct and free, nearly equal; lip spreading, sessile at base of column, 3-lobed; disc smooth, without spurs; column erect, wingless, stout, 3–4 mm, base 2-auriculate, apex blunt; anther terminal, incumbent, operculate, 1-locular; pollinia 2, yellow, spheric, sulcate, cartilaginous; stipe semilunar; viscidium present. Fruits capsules, erect when mature.

Species 7–10 (1 in the flora): neotropical regions; Africa.


Rolfe, R. A. 1898. Pteroglossaspis. In: D. Oliver et al., eds. 1868–1937. Flora of Tropical Africa…. 10 vols. London. Vol. 7, pp. 99–100. Romero-G., G. A. 1993. Notes on Pteroglossaspis (Orchidaceae), a new genus for the flora of Colombia. Orquidea (Mexico City) 13: 275–280. Wood, J. J. 1989. Pteroglossaspis. In: W. B. Turrill et al., eds. 1952+. Flora of Tropical East Africa. 152+ vols. London and Rotterdam. Orchidaceae, part 3, pp. 480–482.

Lower Taxon


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