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1. Radiola Hill, Brit. Herb. 227, plate 33 [upper center]. 1756.

Allseed [Latin radiolus, little ray, alluding to rayed capsules] Allseed [Latin radiolus, little ray, alluding to rayed capsules]

Herbs, annual, glabrous. Stems erect, branched throughout. Leaves persistent, opposite; stipular glands absent; blade ovate to lanceolate, margins entire. Inflorescences dichasia. Pedicels not articulated. Flowers: sepals persistent, 4, connate at base, equal in size, margins entire, not glandular; petals 4, distinct, attached at rim of filament cup, white, appendages absent; stamens 4; staminodes 0; pistil 4-carpellate, ovary 4-locular; styles 4, distinct; stigmas capitate, wider than styles. Fruits capsules, dehiscing into 4 segments, each partially divided by an incomplete septum. Seeds 8, obovoid to ellipsoid, sometimes flattened on one side. x = 9

Species 1: introduced; Europe, sw Asia, Africa, Atlantic Islands (Macaronesia).

Lower Taxon


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