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14. Stylomecon G. Taylor, J. Bot. 68: 140. 1930.

Wind-poppy [Greek stylos, style, and mekon, poppy]

Curtis Clark

Herbs , annual; sap yellow, clear. Stems simple or branching, leafy. Leaves alternate, usually petiolate; blade 1-2× pinnately deeply lobed. Inflorescences axillary, 1-flowered; peduncle slender; bud drooping. Flowers: sepals 2, distinct; petals caducous, 4, obcuneate; stamens many; pistil 4-11-carpellate; ovary turbinate, 1-locular; style persistent; stigma 4-11-lobed. Fruits capsular, obovoid-ellipsoid to turbinate, ribbed, dehiscing by flaps beneath apex. Seeds many, brown or black, reniform, reticulate-rugose, aril absent. x = 28.

Species 1 (1 in the flora): California, nw Mexico.

Lower Taxon


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