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4. Epidendrum magnoliae Muhlenberg, Cat. Pl. Amer. Sept. 81. 1813.

Green-fly orchid

Amphiglottis conopsea (R. Brown) Small; Epidendrum conopseum R. Brown; Larnandra conopsea (R. Brown) Rafinesque; L. magnoliae (Muhlenberg) Rafinesque

Plants cespitose, 4.5–38 cm. Roots basal, 3–5 mm diam. Stems unbranched, straight, terete, 2–5 cm. Leaves 2–3, near apex of stem; petiole to 1.5 cm; blade narrowly elliptic, 1–9.5 × 0.4–1.3 cm, nearly leathery, apex acute. Inflorescences erect, racemose, 3–26 cm; peduncle 2–10 cm; bracts triangular, to 1/2 length of ovary, 12–18 mm, apex acuminate. Flowers 6–14, spread along apical 1/2 of inflorescence, resupinate, simultaneous, pale green to bronze-colored; sepals wide open, narrowly obovate, 5-veined, 6–11 × 2–3 mm, margins revolute, apex obtuse; petals narrowly oblanceolate, 1-veined, 6–11 × 1–2 mm, apex rounded; lip base cordate, 3-lobed, middle lobe triangular, apex rounded to slightly notched, 2-callose, with low midrib, 4–6 × 5–7 mm, lateral lobes semiorbiculate; column 11–12 mm; clinandrium hood erose, covering anther; anther ovate, with low keel along front; ovary 12–18 mm. Capsules ellipsoid; pedicel 7–11 mm; body 14–23; beak 5 mm.

Flowering Jun--Jan, sporadically in fall; fruiting Oct--Jan. Evergreen and deciduous woodlands; 0--100 m; Ala., Fla., Ga., La., Miss., N.C., S.C.; Mexico (Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí, Tamaulipas).

The flowers of Epidendrum magnoliae produce a sweet-oily fragrance, especially at night.


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