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13c. Malvaceae Jussieu subfam. Tilioideae Arnott, Botany. 100. 1832. (as Tilieae).

Margaret M. Hanes

[Shrubs] trees. Leaf blades usually unlobed, margins serrate, usually with domatia. Inflorescences axillary, usually dichasia, 3–24[–80]-flowered, rarely solitary flowers, associated with winged bract in Tilia. Flowers bisexual; epicalyx absent; sepals caducous, 5[–7], distinct, not petaloid, nectaries basal, adaxial; petals 5, distinct, base not clawed; androgynophore absent; stamens

Genera 2 or 3, species ca. 40 (1 species in the flora): North America, Europe, Asia; mostly temperate areas.

[15–]40–60, ± distinct or in fascicles of 4–5; anthers 2-thecate; staminodes basally fused with stamens and petals absent; gynoecium syncarpous. Fruits capsules or nuts, indehiscent. Seeds 1–3, glabrous or hairy.

Tilioideae represent a narrow and fairly atypical circumscription of the former family Tiliaceae. The subfamily is unusual in the Malvaceae in being restricted to the Northern Hemisphere.


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