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11d. Papaver Sect. Meconella Spach, 7: 19. 1839.

Papaver sect. Scapiflora Elkan; P. sect. Lasiotrachyphylla (Bernhardi) Pfeiffer

Plants perennial, scapose. Leaf blades unlobed or 1-2×-lobed. Flowers: filaments white or yellow, filiform. Capsules obscurely valvate, ribbed, variously pubescent.

Typification of Papaver radicatum Rottbfll also is problematic, and interpretation of its identity has significant consequences in the complex nomenclature of the arctic-alpine poppies. For details and discussion, see G. Knaben (1958); A. Löve (1962b, 1962c); and G. Knaben and N. Hylander (1970).

More study is needed for a comprehensive assessment of the North American scapose poppies in circumpolar context. The circumscriptions and interrelationships of the Alaskan and Asiatic members of this section are especially problematic.


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