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Appendicula Blume


Epiphytic or rarely terrestrial herbs. Stems tufted, erect or pendulous, slender, more or less compressed, leafy throughout, surrounded by sheaths of leaves. Leaves numerous, distichous, elliptic or oblong, often twisted at base and all lying in one plane. Racemes terminal and lateral, usually shorter than leaves; bracts persistent. Flowers many, crowded, perianth not widely spreading; dorsal sepal free; lateral sepals adnate to foot of column forming mentum; lip adnate to foot of column and incumbent on it, unlobed or obscurely 3-lobed, apex recurved, base saccate, with broad tongue-like appendage projecting toward base and covering sac; column stout, with long and broad foot; anther terminal, erect on dorsal side of column; pollinia 6, waxy, clavate, connected by slender caudicle to viscidium; stigma entire; rostellum prominent, erect, often bifid.

About 150 species, mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Pacific islands, a few species extending to mainland Asia and the Himalaya. Two species in Taiwan.


1 Plants epiphytic; leaves elliptic or oblong, less than 3 cm long; appendage of lip glabrous   Appendicula formosana
+ Plants terrestrial; leaves lanceolate-oblong, ca. 5 cm long; appendage of lip hirsute   Appendicula terrestris

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