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Corybas Salisb.


Small terrestrial or lithophytic perennials with root-stem tuberoids. Stems slender, often hidden below leaf, with sheaths near base, bearing a single leaf near apex. Leaves close to ground, cordate or ovate, often with white or red venation. Flowers terminal, solitary, nearly sessile; bracts small; peduncle or pedicel inconspicuous; ovary 6-ribbed; dorsal sepal narrow, often with incurved basal margins surrounding base of lip; lateral sepals filiform, free or basally connate to various length; petals filiform; lip large, with narrow base and broad limb, lower portion incurved, connivent with base of dorsal sepal forming a tube-like structure, base decurrent into 2 short separated spurs, limb expanded and recurved at apex, often fimbriate along margins; column short and stout; anther terminal, erect, basally adnate to column, 2-celled; pollinia 4, or 2 and cleft, granular on surface, with viscid material or viscidium; stigma entire, discoid.

About 100 species, mainly in tropical Asia and the pacific islands, extending from the Himalaya, eastward to the Philippines and southward through Malaysia to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Two species recently found in Taiwan.

Wang, J. C. & Y. C. Lu. 1994. Additional observation on Corybas taiwanensis Lin & Lu (Orchidaceae). Biol. Bull. Natl. Taiwan Normal Univ. 29(1): 53-55.


1 Dorsal sepal spatulate, apical margin irregularly serrulate, with a distinct caudate tip at apex; lateral sepals free, more than 20 mm long.   Corybas sinii
+ Dorsal sepal linear, enitre throughout margin, obtuse at apex; lateral sepals connate at base for 1/4 length, about 13 mm long.   Corybas taiwanensis

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