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Epipogium R. Br.



Terrestrial saprophytic leafless herbs without chlorophyll. Rhizomes tuberous or coralloid. Stems scapose, erect, more or less fleshy, loosely scaly and sheathed, often thick at base. Inflorescence terminal, a loose raceme; bracts membranaceous. Flower few to many, resupinate or not; sepals and petals subequal, free, spreading or connivent; lip sessile at base of column, broad, concave, entire or 3-lobed, spurred at base; column without foot, broadened apically; anther terminal, fleshy, incumbent or suberect, dorsally 2-celled; pollinia 2, sectile, with granular surface, with slender caudicle and common viscidium; stigma at base of column, entire or with 3 confluent elevated surfaces; rostellum obscure or small and separated from stigma. Capsules pendulous.

About five species, from Europe and Africa through Asia to Australia. Two species in Taiwan.


1 Peduncle and flowers brownish yellow, with brownish purple stripes and spots; spur curved forward, divergent from ovary.   Epipogium japonicum
+ Peduncle and flowers whitish, without stripes or spots except on lip; spur pointing backward, positioned beside ovary.   Epipogium roseum

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