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Lysimachia L


Lysimachia decurrens

Credit: HAST

Erect, ascending or prostrate herbs, rarely subshrub, glabrous to pubescent, sometimes glandular-punctate. Stems terete or angled, sometimes winged. Leaves opposite, alternate, or verticillate, sessile or petioled; blade simple, usually entire. Flowers axillary or terminal, solitary or in racemes, corymbs, or panicles; white, yellow, or red, rarely bluish purple; calyx 4- to 9-parted, usually deeply 5-lobed, persistent; corolla contorted in bud, funnel-form, salver-form, or broadly capanulate, 4- to 9-lobed, the tube often very short; stamens inserted on the tube, antepetalous, sometimes alternating with staminodes, the anthers obtuse, basifixed or versatile, opening by a terminal pore or by a longitudinally slit; ovary globose or ovoid; style simple, filiform. Capsules longitudinally dehiscent or indehiscent; seeds few to many, with thin testa.

About 180 species, chiefly in temperate region of the northern hemisphere, few in the tropics, Australia, N. America, and Africa; ten in Taiwan.

1 Flowers axillary, yellow; filaments connate and forming a short tube at base, tube adnate to base of corolla.   (2)
+ Flowers in terminal racemes, white to pinkish to lightly purple; filaments free and adnate ot corolla base, or connate basally, but not forming a tube.   (8)
2 (1) Stem erect or ascending; leaves alternate, glabrous; pedicels 1.5 x 5 cm long; anthers dehiscing by apical pores.   (3)
+ Stem prostrate or decumbent; leaves opposite, pubescent; pedicels 0.1 x 0.8 cm long; anthers dehiscing by lateral slits.   (4)
3 (2) Plants not fragrant when dry; stems terete; leave often confinded to upper part of stem; persistent calyx much shorter than capsule.   Lysimachia ardisioides
+ Plants fragrant when dry; stem angled; leaves evenly spaced on stem; persistent calyx slightly shorter than capsule.   Lysimachia capillipes
4 (2) Leaves subcoriaceous, narrowly elliptic, margins manifestly recurved, sessile.   Lysmachia chingshuiensis
+ Leaves chartaceous, usually ovate or cordate, margins flat, petiolate.   (5)
5 (4) Trichomes on stem appressed; corolla not dotted with reddish brown glands; stolon obscure; plants of lowland or coastal areas.   (6)
+ Trichomes on stem spreading; corolla dotted with reddish brown glands; stolon distinct, creeping; plants of medium to high elevations.   (7)
6 (5) Stem creeping; leaves broadly ovate to rounded, dotted with reddish glands; flowers in axils all along stem, capsules abundantly produced.   Lysimachia japonica
+ Stem ascending; leaves ovate to rhomboid-ovate, not dotted with glands; flowers congested at apices of stems, capsules often not produced.   Lysimachia remota
7 (5) Leaves 2 x 6 cm long, ovate; internodes 3 x 8(-10) cm long; petals punctate only on upper half.   Lysimachia congestiflora
+ Leaves 0.3 x 1.5 cm long, cordate to broadly ovate; internodes 1.5 x 3(-3.7) cm long; petals punctate throughout.   Lysimachia nigropunctata
8 (1) Leaves obovate-spatulate, somewhat succulent; filaments connate at base; plants of coastal areas.   Lysimachia mauritiana
+ Leaves elliptic-lanceolate, chartaceous; filaments free at base; plants of lowland, not near coast.   (9)
9 (8) Stem terete; stolon conspicuous, elongate; sepals oblong-ovate, apex obtuse, margin membraneous and ciliate; filaments shorter than corolla lobes; style base swollen.   Lysimachia fortunei
+ Stem angled; stolon obscure; short; sepals lanceolate,apex acuminate,margins entire; filaments well exserted beyond corolla lobes; style base not swollen.   Lysimachia decurrens

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