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Oberonia Lindl.


Epiphytes. Stems tufted, erect or pendulous, elongate or short and obscure, nearly enclosed by leaf sheaths. Leaves equitant, distichous, laterally compressed, ensiform, with broadly flattened sheath at base, articulated with sheath or not. Inflorescence terminal, short or long, a cylindrical spike or raceme; bracts entire or erose. Flowers numerous, nearly verticillate, usually not resupinate; sepals subequal, often broad, reflexed; petals usually narrower than sepals or nearly as broad; lip sessile, concave, 2-4-lobed or undivided, sometimes with small basal auricles embracing column; column with broad wings apically, without foot at base; anther terminal or subdorsal, incumbent or suberect, two-celled; pollinia 4, in 2 pairs, ovoid, waxy, without caudicles or viscidium; stigma entire. Capsules obovoid or ellipsoid.

About 300 species, Africa through tropical Asia to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Five species in Taiwan.

Seidenfaden, G. 1968. The genus Oberonia in mainland Asia. Dansk. Bot. Ark. 25(3): 1-125.


1 Leaves articulated with sheath.   (2)
+ Leaves not articulated with sheath.   (3)
2 (1) Larger leaves to 20 cm long, more than 1 cm wide; articulation perpendicular to edge of sheath.   Oberonia gigantea
+ Larger leaves less than 10 cm long, less than 8 mm wide; articulation oblique to edge of sheath.   Oberonia caulescens
3 (1) Lateral lobes of lip extending backward, surrounding column; petals distinctly erose.   Oberonia rosea
+ Lateral lobes of lip extending apically, not surrounding column; petals entire or indistinctly erose.   (4)
4 (3) Leaves varying in length on same stem, usually 2-5 cm long; central lobe of lip rectangular, apex 2-lobulate, sinus acute.   Oberonia arisanensis
+ Leaves nearly equal in length on same stem, 1-3 cm long; central lobe of lip orbicular or squarish, apex 2lobulate, sinus broadly obtuse or truncate.   Oberonia japonica

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