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Tulotis Rafin.


Terrestrial perennial herbs with fleshy stoloniform tuberoids. Stems erect, with 2-3 cauline leaves, sheathing at base. Leaves alternate, broad or narrow. Inflorescence terminal, racemose or spicate, many-flowered. Flowers greenish, resupinate; dorsal sepal often short and broad, concave; lateral sepals longer than dorsal one, often spreading or reflexed; petals narrow, often connivent with dorsal sepal forming hood; lip adnate to base of column, fleshy, usually longer than sepals and petals, reflexed, with small lateral lobes at base, spurred; column stout; anther terminal, erect, basally connate with column, 2-celled, with distinct connective, cells separated, parallel or divergent below, with auricles or staminodes on outer sides; pollinia 2, sectile, with caudicle attaching to viscidium, viscidium elongate oblong, enclosed in rostellar bursicle; stigma entire, protruding on large convex surface between upper part of anther cells, surrounded by rostellum; rostellum protruding anteriorly like horse-shoe arch, contacted on both ends and extending into clam-like bursicles beside base of anther cell.

About 5 species, temperate regions of eastern Asia and North America. One species in Taiwan.

Lower Taxon

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