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Lysimachia mauritiana Lam., Encycl. Meth. 3: 572. 1789; Kao & DeVol, Fl. Taiwan 4: 81. pl. 922. 1978; Chen et al., Fl. Reip. Pop. Sin. 59(1): 102. 1989; Hu & Kelso, Fl. China 15: 69. 1996.


Lysimachia mauritiana

Credit: HAST

  • Lysimachia mauritiana var. taiwaniana S. S. Ying

    A biennial herb; stolons stout, short; stems solitary or tufted, glabrous, slightly fleshy ascending or erect, 10-40 cm high, stout, terete, often with short branches above, covered with minutely glandular hairs. Leaves slightly fleshy, sessile or subsessile, obovate or spatulate, 2-7 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, obtuse to acute at apex, attenuate at base, with black glands, the margin entire. Racemes erect, terminal often compound-paniculate, many-flowered, 4-12 cm long; pedicels 5-25 mm long, about as long as the leaf-like bracts. Flowers white to pinkish, 10-12 mm across; calyx segments oblong, obtuse, minutely toothed at apex; corolla lobes narrowly obovate. Capsules brown, globose, 4-6 mm in diameter, the stigma persistent. Flowers: Mar.-Jun.

    TAIPEI: Shihmen, Ho 255; Sanchih, Chaw 324. KEELUNG: Hopingdao, Peng 4380; Keelungyu, Peng 14152. ILAN: Tali, Yang 2738; Is. Kueishan, Hsu 7232. PENGHU: Huang & Kao 6880; Paisha, Leu 2079. PINGTUNG: Shialuochiu, Peng 12627, Oluanpi, Peng 12556. TAITUNG: Sanhsientai, Ho 255. Lanyu Is, Kao 1132; Lutao, Peng 7600.

    Distributed in India, Japan, Korea, the Ryukyus, Pacific Islands, and China. Along the rock crevices, beaches in coastal regions in the northern and southern part of the island and on the Lutao and Lanyu islands.

    Phenology: biennial

    Life form: herb

    Root: rooting at node or not: not rooting at node

    Stem: present

    Stem: type: erect

    Stem: shape: terete

    Stem: indumentum: minute glandular hairs

    Leaf: position: cauline

    Phyllotaxy: alternate

    Leaf: petiole: sessile

    Leaf: blade shape: spatulate

    Leaf: blade apex: obtuse, acute

    Leaf: blade base: attenuate

    Leaf: blade margin: entire

    Leaf: blade surface: dotted

    Leaf: blade texture: fleshy

    Leaf: blade length (mm): 20-70

    Leaf: blade width (mm): 10-20

    Inflorescence: raceme

    Inflorescence: position: terminal

    Scape: absent

    Peduncle: length (mm): 5-25

    Bract: absent

    Calyx: shape: 5-parted

    Sepal: shape: oblong

    Sepal: length (mm): 4-5

    Sepal: width (mm): 2-2.5

    Corolla: color: white, pinkish

    Corolla: shape: rotate

    Lobe: margin: minutely toothed

    Lobe: length (mm): 5-6

    Lobe: width (mm): 2-3

    Filament fused into a ring or not: filament fuse to a ring

    Filament inserted position: base of corolla lobe

    Filament: indumentum: glabrous

    Filament and anther relative length: filament about equal to anther

    Stamens protruding from corolla or not: Stamens protuding from corolla

    Capsule: dehiscence type: longitudinal

    Distribution: seashores


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