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Primula miyabeana Ito & Kawakami, Coll. Bot. Rap. Miyabe1. pl. 29. 1911; Kao & DeVol, Fl. Taiwan 4: 86. pl. 925. 1978. Hu, Fl. Reip. Pop. Sin. 59 (2): 114. 1989; Hu & Kelso, Fl. China 15: 143. 1996.


Primula miyabeana

Credit: HAST

  • Aleuritia miyabeana (Ito & Kawakami) J. Sojak

    A perennial tufted herb; stolons stout. Leaves all radical, glabrous, membranaceous, spatulate, 12-24 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, obtuse at apex, gradually narrowed below to a petiole-like base, the midrib and lateral veins prominent on both surfaces, the veinlets anastomosing, the margins with short deltoid teeth, or serrulate. Scapes terete20-45 cm long, glabrous; flowers whorled at intervals on indeterminate umbels, the bracts linear, 10-20 mm long, the pedicels 2-4 cm long; calyx cup-shaped, 5-10 mm long; corolla purple, the lobes crenate at apex, 15-20 mm long. Capsules globoe, the style long and persistent.

    ILAN: Nanhutashan, Chen 989; Yunling Lodge, Peng 5674. HSINCHU: Chialishan, Huang 90; Tapachienshan, Kao 8521, Wang 1276. TAICHUNG: Hsuehshan, Hsu 748, Suzuki 5334. NANTOU: Nangkaopeifeng, Chiu 3425; Hohuanshan, Chen 1084. CHIAYI: Mt. Morrison, Chuang 3993, Leu 236. KAOHSIUNG: Yiakou, Jeng 2578; Tienchu to Yiakou, Huang 8846. PINGTUNG: Tawushan, Matuda 89. TAITUNG: Haituan, Chen 708; Takuanshan, Peng 11751.

    Phenology: perennial

    Life form: herb

    Root: rooting at node or not: not rooting at node

    Stem: absent

    Leaf: position: basal

    Phyllotaxy: radical

    Leaf: petiole: sessile

    Leaf: blade shape: spatulate

    Leaf: blade apex: obtuse

    Leaf: blade base: acuminate

    Leaf: blade margin: serrulate

    Leaf: blade surface: glabrous

    Leaf: blade texture: membranaceous

    Leaf: blade length (mm): 60-240

    Leaf: blade width (mm): 20-50

    Inflorescence: umbellate

    Inflorescence: position: terminal

    Scape: present

    Scape: length (mm): 100-450

    Peduncle: length (mm): 10-30

    Bract: present

    Bract: length (mm): 10-20

    Bract: width (mm): 0.8-1

    Calyx: shape: cup-shaped

    Sepal: shape: ovate

    Sepal: margin: entire

    Sepal: length (mm): 5-10

    Sepal: width (mm): 1-3

    Corolla: color: white, purple

    Corolla: shape: salverform, broadly campanulate

    Lobe: margin: crenate

    Lobe: length (mm): 15-20

    Lobe: width (mm): 5-6

    Filament fused into a ring or not: filament free

    Filament inserted position: throat of corolla lobe

    Filament: indumentum: glabrous

    Filament and anther relative length: filament about equal to anther

    Stamens protruding from corolla or not: Stamens not protuding from corolla

    Capsule: dehiscence type: longitudinal

    Distribution: high elevation mountain


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