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Flora of Taiwan | Family List | Orchidaceae | Dendrobium

Dendrobium linawianum Rchb. f., Wal. Ann. 6: 284. 1861.


  • Dendrobium alboviride Hayata

    Stems tufted, erect, 30-40 cm long, more or less compressed; internodes clavate or obconic-cylin-drical, slightly oblique, 3-4 cm long, 1.2 cm in diam., longitudinally furrowed, loosely embraced by leaf sheaths. Leaves oblong, 4-7 cm long, 2-2.5 cm wide, apex obliquely emarginate, base obtuse, upper surface green, lustrous, lower surface pale; petiole sheath-like, 15 mm long, 6 mm wide, articulated with sheath; sheath ca. 2 cm long. Racemes lateral or subterminal, usually from nodes of defoliated stem; peduncle ca. 2 cm long; pedicel and ovary 5-6 cm long. Flowers 2 or 3, light purple to nearly white, showy, ca. 5 cm in diam.; sepals subequal, nearly white at base, purple toward apex, oblong, 28 mm long, 9mm wide, acute, lateral sepals adnate at base to foot of column, mentum 8 mm long; petals same color as sepals, ovate-oblong, as long as sepals, apex obtuse, base contracted; lip oblong, 2.7 cm long, 1.6 cm wide, clawed, claw 7 mm long, limb whitish, with purple band along margin, broadly oblong, 2 cm long, apex rounded-obtuse, base arching over column, disc short hirsute, with 2 purple blotches; column 5 mm long; foot 8 mm long; anther hood-like; pollinia oblong, 1.5 mm long.

    TAIPEI: Wulai, Sasaki s. n. March 1920; Fushan, Segawa s. n. Apr 1935. TAOYUEN: Chiaopanshan, Hayata & Sasaki s. n. May 1917.

    China. Taiwan, rare, at low elevations in mountains in the northern.


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