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Begonia ravenii Peng & Chen in Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 29(3): 217. 1988; Chen, Fl. Taiwan. 2nd Ed. 3: 853. 1993.


Begonia ravenii

Credit: Ching-I Peng

  • Begonia sinensis A. DC.

    Plant epipetric; deciduous; with tubers from which upright stems arise, monoecious. Tubers subglobose, to 20 mm across. Stems 6-50 cm long, to 8 mm across, glaborus. Stolons to 15 cm long, 4 mm across. Stipules caducous, ovate, apex acuminate, margins serrate, to 16 mm long, 10 mm wide, glabrous. Leaves many, basal and cauline, herbaceous, asymmetric, ovate, shallowly lobed, divided to 1/3 of leaf length at most, apex subacute to acuminate, base cordate, margins irregularly serrate, to 27 cm long, 18 cm wide, remotely minutely scaberulous adaxially, lobes (number), (shape), apex (shape); venation palmate; petioles to 16 cm long, 5.5 mm across, glabrous. Inflorescences arise from stem, 6-30 cm long, glabrous; peduncles (inflorescence axis) to 17 cm long, 4 mm across, erect to pendent. Bracts pinkish, caducous, narrowly ovate to rotund, apex acute, margins serrate, to 13 mm long, 10 mm wide, glabrous. Flowers of both sexes pinkish, glabrouos. Staminate flowers: tepals 2, cordate to orbiculate, 12-22 mm long, 13-20 mm wide; androecium actinomorphic / zygomorhpic; stemans 20-37, golf-club shape, yellow, filaments free, 2-3 mm long; anthers obovoid, 1.2-1.6 mm long, 1.0-1.1 mm across. Pistillate flowers: tepals 2(-3), rotund to orbicular, 12-19 mm long, 11-19 mm wide; ovary pinkish when blooming, inferior, glabrous; styles 3, yellow, free, forked once, 4.6-5.4 mm long; stigmasin a band and spiraled. Fruits capsular, dehiscence, pendent, trigonous, subequally or equally 3-winged, wings nearly triangular, obtuse at apex, to 19 mm long, 20 mm wide; locules 3, axile placentation, placental branches 2 per locule.

    TAICHUNG: Chunghsingling-Takeng Peng 9990, 9992 (HAST).
    NANTOU: Tongpu-Lele Suzuki s. n. 1935 (TAI).
    CHIAYI: Huwei-Chiehtung Peng 8894 (Holotype, HAST; Isotypes, GH, K, MO, NY, TAI, TAIF, US); Lungmei-Tsaoshan Peng 10079 (HAST); Taiping Chen 395 (HAST).
    KAOHSIUNG: Chishan-Tainan Chung s. n. 1985 (PPI); Shuanghsi Yang 3464.

    Stolons: present

    Stipules: caducous

    Stipules: shape: ovate

    Stipules: apex: acuminate

    Stipules: margin: serrate

    Stipules: length (mm): 16 mm

    Stipules: width (mm): 10 mm

    Stipules: indumentum: glabrous

    Leaves: shape: ovate, palmately divided

    Leaves: apex: acuminate

    Leaves: margin: serrate

    Leaves: length (cm): 10-27 cm

    Leaves: width (cm): 5-18 cm

    Leaves: indumentum: scaberulous

    Venation: palmate

    Veins: number: 5-8

    Petioles: length (cm): 5-16 cm

    Petioles: diameter (mm): 6 mm

    Petioles: indumentum: glabrous

    Bracts: caducous

    Bracts: shape: ovate, rotund

    Bracts: apex: acute

    Bracts: margin: serrate

    Bracts: length (mm): 13 mm

    Bracts: width (mm): 10 mm

    Bracts: indumentum: glabrous

    Inflorescence: length (cm): 6-30 cm

    Peduncles:: erect, pendulous

    Peduncles: length (cm): 4-17 cm

    Peduncles: diameter (mm): 4 mm

    Flowers: color: pinkish

    Male flower petals: number: two

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: shape: orbicular

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: length (mm): 12-22 mm

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: width (mm): 13-20 mm

    Stamens: number: 20-37

    Stamens: shape: golf-club shaped

    Anthers: shape: obovoid

    Anthers: length (mm): 1.2-1.6 mm

    Anthers: diameter (mm): 1-1.1 mm

    Filaments: length (mm): 2-3 mm

    Female flower tepals: number: three, two

    The largest tepals of female flowers: shape:: rotund, orbicular

    The largest tepals of female flowers: length (mm): 12-19 mm

    The largest tepals of female flowers: width (mm): 11-19 mm

    Styles: number: three

    Styles: length (mm): 4.6-5.4 mm

    Locules number: three

    Fruits: typ: capsule

    Fruits: wings: 3-winged

    Abaxil wing of fruits: shape: triangular

    Abaxil wing of fruits: length (mm): 19 mm

    Abaxil wing of fruits: width (mm): 20 mm

    Seeds: shape: obclavate

    Seeds: length (mm): 0.4-0.52 mm

    Seeds: diameter (mm): 0.1-0.16 mm

    Seed apex: shape: acuminate

    Seed micropylar end: abruptly constricted

    Chrosome numer 2n=: 36

    Elevation (m): 100-1000 m

    Distribution: Taichung, Nantou, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung

    Plant: growth form: epipetric

    Phenology: deciduous

    Stems: habit: tuberosous


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