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Begonia ×buimontana Yamamoto, pro sp., J. Soc. Trop. Agr. 5: 353. 1933; Masamune, List Vascu. Pl. Taiwan 58. 1954; Liu & Lai, Fl. Taiwan. 1st Ed. 3: 792. 1977; Chen, Fl. Taiwan. 2nd Ed. 3: 848. 1993.


Begonia xbuimontana

Credit: Ching-I Peng

  • Begonia fenchihuensis S.-S. Ying
  • Begonia palmata D. Don × B. taiwaniana Hayata

    Plant terrestrial; evergreen; with very short rhizomes from which upright stems arise, monoecious. Stems 40-125 cm long, to 26 mm across, glabrous or sometimes remotely pilose. Rhizomes ___ cm long, ___ mm across, (hair). Stipules caducous, ovate to broadly ovate, apex acuminate, margins entire, to 23 mm long, 18 mm wide, glabrous. Leaves many, herbaceous, asymmetric, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, undivided, apex acuminate to cuspidate, base cordate, margins irregularly denticulate or serrulate, 8-22 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, densely scabrous or hirsute on both surfaces; venation palmate-pinnate; petioles 7-16 cm long, 5 mm across, rusty villose. Inflorescences arise from stem, 6-11 cm long, glabrous or sometimes pilose; peduncles (inflorescence axis) to 7 cm long, 2 mm across, erect to pendent. Bracts caducous, narrowly ovate to ovate, apex mucronate to acuminate, margins entire, to 24 mm long, 17 mm wide, glabrous. Flowers of both sexes pale pink, abaxial surfaces of outer tepals densely scabrous. Staminate flowers: tepals 4, never open, outer two obovate to orbicular, to 14 mm long, 13 mm wide, inner two oblanceolate to narrowly ovate, to 13 mm long, 6 mm wide; androecium actinomorphic; stamens to ca. 140, yellow, golf-club shaped, filaments free, 1.5-2.8 mm long, anthers narrowly obovoid, 1.8-2.2 mm long, 0.9-1.2 mm across. Pistillate flowers: tepals 5(-6), oblanceolate to orbicular, unequal to subequal, the largest 11-19 mm long, 9-18 mm wide, the smallest 9-17 mm long, 4-9 mm wide; ovary (color) when blooming, inferior, densely scabrous; styles (2-)3, yellow, free, forked once, 4.7-5.3 mm long; stigmas in a band and spiraled. Fruits capsular, dehiscence, pendent, (color), , to ___ mm long, ___ mm across; unequally 3-winged, abaxial wing triangular 12-19 mm long, 11-16 mm wide, lateral wings 4-6 mm long, 10-14 mm wide; locules (2-)3, axile placentation, placental branches 2 per locule.

    CHIAYI: Fenchihu-Shihcho, Ying s. n. Jan. 16, 1988 (Holotype & Isotype of B. fenchihuensis Ying, NTUF).
    PINGTUNG: Entrance to Peitawushan, Peng 10617, Chen 644, 662 (HAST), Lai 9819 (TAI); Peitawushan-Taiwu, Chen 671, 672 (HAST); Wuweishan, Matuda 7875, s.n. Dec. 30, 1918 (TAIF), Matuda 322 (Holotype, TAI); Laiyii, Lo 197 (TAIF).
    KAOHSIUNG: Tienchih, Chen 363, 726 (HAST).

    Stolons: absent

    Stipules: caducous

    Stipules: shape: ovate, broadly ovate

    Stipules: apex: acuminate

    Stipules: margin: entire

    Stipules: length (mm): 23 mm

    Stipules: width (mm): 18 mm

    Stipules: indumentum: glabrous

    Leaves: shape: lanceolate, narrowly ovate

    Leaves: apex: acuminate

    Leaves: margin: denticulate, serrulate

    Leaves: length (cm): 8-22 cm

    Leaves: width (cm): 4-8 cm

    Leaves: indumentum: densely scabrous

    Venation: palmate-pinnate

    Veins: number: 5-8

    Petioles: length (cm): 7-16 cm

    Petioles: diameter (mm): 5 mm

    Petioles: indumentum: densely rusty villose

    Bracts: caducous

    Bracts: shape: ovate

    Bracts: apex: mucronate, acuminate

    Bracts: margin: entire

    Bracts: length (mm): 24 mm

    Bracts: width (mm): 17 mm

    Bracts: indumentum: glabrous

    Inflorescence: length (cm): 6-11 cm

    Peduncles:: pendulous

    Peduncles: length (cm): 7 cm

    Peduncles: diameter (mm): 2 mm

    Flowers: color: pinkish

    Male flower petals: number: four

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: shape: orbicular, obovate

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: length (mm): 14 mm

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: width (mm): 13 mm

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: shape: oblanceolate, narrowly ovate

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: length (mm): 13 mm

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: width (mm): 6 mm

    Stamens: number: 140

    Stamens: shape: golf-club shaped

    Anthers: shape: narrowly obovoid

    Anthers: length (mm): 1.8-2.2 mm

    Anthers: diameter (mm): 0.9-1.2 mm

    Filaments: length (mm): 1.5-2.8 mm

    Female flower tepals: number: five, six

    Female flower tepals: equality of size: subequal, unequal

    The largest tepals of female flowers: shape:: orbicular

    The largest tepals of female flowers: length (mm): 11-19 mm

    The largest tepals of female flowers: width (mm): 9-18 mm

    The smallest tepals of female flowers: shape: oblanceolate

    The smallest tepals of female flowers: length (mm): 11-19 mm

    The smallest tepals of female flowers: width (mm): 9-18 mm

    Styles: number: two, three

    Styles: length (mm): 4.7-5.3 mm

    Locules number: two, three

    Fruits: wings: 3-winged

    Abaxil wing of fruits: shape: triangular

    Abaxil wing of fruits: length (mm): 12-19 mm

    Abaxil wing of fruits: width (mm): 11-16 mm

    Lateral wings of fruits: length (mm): 4-6 mm

    Lateral wings of fruits: width (mm): 10-14 mm

    Seeds: shape: broadly ellipsoid

    Seeds: length (mm): 0.34-0.38 mm

    Seeds: diameter (mm): 0.19-0.22 mm

    Seed apex: shape: rotund

    Seed micropylar end: constricted

    Chrosome numer 2n=: 30

    Elevation (m): 1000-1600 m

    Distribution: Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Pingtung

    Plant: growth form: terrestrial

    Phenology: evergreen

    Stems: habit: with long ascentant rhizomes from which upright stems arise


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