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Belosynapsis kawakamii (Hayata) C. I Peng & Y. J. Chen, C. I. Peng comb. nov.


Belosynapsis kawakamii

Credit: HAST

Cyanotis kawakamii Hayata, J. Coll. Sci. Univ. Tokyo 22: 449. 1906; K. C. Hsu in Li et al. Fl. Taiwan 5: 166. 1978. Belosynapsis ciliata auct. non Rolla Rao (1967): D. Y. Hong, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 12 (4): 477, 1974; D. Y. Hong et al., Fl. Reipubl. Popularis Sin. 13 (3): 118. 1997.

Perennial herbs, green to purple. Roots fibrous. Stems procumbent, branched, rooting at nodes, villous. Leaves sessile, nearly arranged in the same plane, inclined, elliptic-ovate, 1.7-3 cm long, 0.7-1.1 cm wide, fleshy, densely velutinous apex acute, base rounded,; sheath cylindrical, ca. 3 mm long, pilose. Inflorescence terminal, single, bract elliptic-ovate ca. 8 mm long, 2-3 mm wide; pedicel 1.2 mm long. Flower bisexual , actinomorphic; sepals 3, free, greenish, persistent, lanceolate, ca. 5 mm long, ca. 2 mm wide, margins and ridge ciliate; petals 3, free, pink-purple, with white streak in middle, obovate, 7-8 mm long, ca. 4.5 mm wide, apex acute, base cuneate; stamens 6, equal; anthers yellow, trapezoidal, ca. 1.3 mm long; filaments ca 8 mm long, barbate, the hairs moniliform, white or white-blue, on the outside of the filament; ovary ellipsoid, 3-angled, ca. 2 mm long, ca. 1.4 mm across, hispid; style 7-8 mm long, barbate. Capsules trilocular, 3-valved, ellipsoid, ca. 2.6 mm long, ca. 1.5 across, locules 2-seeded, apex hispid. Seeds uniseriate, trapezoidal or elliptic in outline, ca 2 mm long, ca 1.1 mm across, retiform, embryotega apical, hilum punctiform. Chromosome number: n = 26.

Hsinchu: Taiko, Hayata 280 (TAIF). Kaohsiung: Buizan, Matuda 294 (TAI). Pingtung: Lilung shan, elev. ca. 500-600 m, Y. J. Chen 518 (TNU); Tahanshan logging trial Mileage Sign, ca. 9 km, Y. J. Chen et al. 830 (TNU). Taitung: Tawu, elev. ca. 500-600 m, Peng & Lin 10567 (HAST).

Distribution: Endemic, mostly in southern part of Taiwan, under forest usually forming a larger mat on forest floors at low altitudes. Flowering in Jun.-Jan., central in Nov.

Hong (1974) 依據Hayata發表的模式照片及解剖圖,認為本種植物和Belosynapsis ciliata (Blume) Rolla Rao在各方面都是一致的,主張應予以合併,但野外觀察可發現,儘管營養器官的形狀相似,但大小卻相差很大,此外,本種植物全株密布毛,花單一,而B. ciliata僅葉緣、葉鞘及其延伸處被毛,其餘近光滑,花序為頭狀聚繖花序,兩者迥然可分,另外,本種植物主要分布在台灣南部,和B. ciliata有地理上的區隔。

Phenology: perennial herbs, evergreen

Roors form: roots fibrous

Stems form: monomorphic stem

Monomorphic stems habit: repent

Rooting at nodes or not: rooting at nodes

Lateral shoots: perforating

Phyllotaxis: nearly arrangement in the same plant

Leaves: petiole: sessile

Leaves: shape (if dimorphic leaves, selected by rosette leaves): elliptic, ovate

Leaves: apex: acute

Leaves: length (cm): 1.7-3

Leaves: width (cm): 0.7-1.1

Leaves indumentum: upper surface: pubscent

Prophyll: sheathing, apex acute

Inflorescence: take plance: terminal

Inflorescence: solitary

Bracts: shape: ovate, ovate-elliptic

Corolla: actinomorphic: petal 3, base free, equal or subequal

Flowers: bisexual

Sepals: sepal 3, subequal

Sepals: color: greenish

Sepals: base: free

Sepals: shape: lanceolate

Sepals: indumentum: margin and ridge ciliate

Sepals: length (if dimorphic sepals, selected by anticous two) (mm): 5

Sepals: width (if dimorphic sepals, selected by anticous two) (mm): 2

Flowers: color: pink, purple, or blue

Petals: shape: obovate

Petals: length (mm): 7-8

Petals: width (mm): 4.5

Stamens form: monomorphic: fertile stamens 6

Ovarys: shape: ellipsoid

Ovarys: indumentum: apex hispid

Ovarys: length (mm): 2

Styles: indumentum: barbate

Styles: length (mm): 7-8

Capsules: dehiscence: dehiscent

Capsules: shape: ellipsoid

Capsules: trilocular

Capsules: indumentum: apex hispid

Capsule locules seeds: number: 2

Capsules: length (mm): 2.6

Seeds: lengh (if dimorphic seeds, selected by dorsal one) (mm): 2

Seeds: width (if dimorphic seeds, selected by dorsal one) (mm): 1.1


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