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Flora of Taiwan | Family List | Orchidaceae | Cheirostylis

Cheirostylis cochinchinensis Blume, Coll. Orch. Arch. Ind. 55, t. 39, f. 2. 1858; Seidenf. Dansk Bot. Arkiv. 32(2): 66, f. 38. 1978; Leou, Quart. J. Expt. Forest. Natl. Taiwan Univ. 3(4): 119, f. 1-3. 1989.


  • Cheirostylis flabellata auct. non Wight: S. S. Ying
  • Cheirostylis taichungensis S. S. Ying

    Rhizomes 8-10 cm long, decumbent, leafy at top, internodes 1-1.4 cm long. Leaves 3-4, ovate, dark green , 2-3 cm long, 1-1.7 cm wide, with reticulate veins; petioles 0.5 cm long. Peduncle 8-12 cm long, hairy at base and middle, glabrous apically, with 2-3 sterile glabrous bracts; raceme 5-10-flowered; floral bracts lanceolate, glabrous. Flowers resupinate; ovary 5-8 mm long, greenish brown, glabrous; sepals light greenish brown, connate into a tube for half of their length, 4.5-5.5 mm long, glabrous; petals white, obliquely falcate, about 5mm long, with slender base; lip connate with column at base, 7-9 mm across , tripartite, hypochile saccate, keeled at bottom, with 2-3 horn-like papillae within each half of sac, mesochile short, claw-like, epichile white, with a triangular green patch on central part near mesochile, dilated and bilobed, orbicular in outline, 7-9 mm across, recurved at apex, lobules semiorbicular, deeply laciniate, with 7-9 lacinae; column erect, 2.4-3.0 mm long; stylids 2, white, as long as and parallel to rostellar arms; anther ovate, red brown near apex, 1.5-2.0 mm long; pollinia, yellow, clavate, 1.2 mm long; stigma 2, on lateral side of rostellum near base; rostellum bifid, arms white, as long as column, tegula stipe linear-oblong, 1.3-1.6 mm long.

    TAICHUNG: Chiapaotai, Su 8162; Kukuan, Leou 3743. Tahsuehshan, Ying s. n. 25 May 1987.

    Distributed in Vietnam. Taiwan, only found in forests at the central part.


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