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Flora of Taiwan | Family List | Orchidaceae | Nervilia

Nervilia cumberlegei Seidenf. & Smitin., Orch. Thail. 4, 2: 729, f. 541. 1965; Leou, Quart. J. Expt. Forest Natl. Taiwan Univ. 11(2): 75, f. 2, 4. 1997.


Plants 7-10 cm tall. Rhizomes 2-4 cm long, 1-3 mm in diam. Corms ovoid or globose, 7-12 mm long, 6-7 mm in diam. Leaves short petiolate, reniform or broad cordate, 2.3-4.3 cm long, 3-5.2 cm long, apex rounded, cordate at base, palmately nerved, plicate, irregularly serrulate at margins, greenish and glabrous on both surfaces; petiole 8-10 mm long. Peduncle erect, 5-7 cm tall, with 2-3 sheaths below, sheaths lanceolate, 1-1.5 cm long; racemes usually with 2-3 flowers; bracts minute; pedicel 3-4 mm long; ovary 4-5 mm long. Flowers green, not resupinate, ascending, perianth subspreading; dorsal sepal linear-oblong, 14 mm long, 2.1 mm wide, acute; lateral sepals falcate, 14 mm long, 2.4 mm wide, acute; petals linear-elliptic, 12 mm long, 2 mm wide, acute; lip light yellow green at base, white at apex, oblong, 13 mm long, 5 mm wide, obscurely 3-lobed and fimbriate at apex, disc papillate, papillae longer and denser toward apex; column erect, clavate, 7-8 mm long, slightly dilated at top; anther tetrahedral conical, 1.8 mm wide; pollinia yellow, ellipsoid, 1 mm long, composed of minute masullae; stigma semiorbicular; rostellum obscure.

NANTOU: Sun Moon Lake, Leou 6164, 6337.

Thailand. Taiwan, grasslands, ca. 800 m, in center part.


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