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Lysmachia chingshuiensis C.I Peng & C.M. Hu, Bull. Acad. Sin. Bot. 40: 49. 1999.


Lysmachia chingshuiensis

Credit: HAST

Perenial herb. Stems herbaceous, slender, 10-25(-70) cm long, simple or sometiomes branched, lower part elongate prostrate, and often rooted at nodes, then ascending, covered with articulate, crisp rusty hairs; internodes 3-10 mm long. Leaves sessile, lowest and middle opposite, narrowly elliptic, 4-8 × 1.5-2.75 mm, apex obtuse, base broadly cuneate, often somewhat auriculate and subamplexicaul, margins obviously recurved, subcoriaceous, glabrous and green above, brown beneath, sparsely covered with the same kind of hairs as stem, otherwise glabrous; midrib impressed adaxially, manifestly elevated beneath, lateral nerves invisible; uppermost leaves subverticillate, ovate, to 10 mm long, 4.5 mm wide, base subrounded. Flowers few (often 2-3), in uppermost, verticillately congested leaves. Pedicels less than 1 mm long. Calyx ca. 5 mm long, glabrous, divided almost to base, the lobes lanceolate, the apex acute. Corolla yellow, ca. 10 mm long, widely open; tube 1 mm long, the lobes obovate-elliptic, to 5 mm wide, apex rounded, dotted with minute, reddish glands. Filaments connate at base into a ring 0.5 mm long, the free parts about 1 mm long; anthers ca. 1.25 mm long, gradually narrowed from the cordate base. longitudinally dehiscent. Ovaries globose, glabrous. Styles to 3.5 mm long. Caspules ca. 2.5 mm in diam., brown, dehiscent into 5 valves. Flowers: May-Jun., fruits: Jul.-Aug.

HUALIEN: Chingshuishan, Leu, Lian & Sheng 1780 (Holotype!); Ho & Lien 1250 (Isotype!).

Endemic, known only from the exposed slope in the Chingshuishan, a metamorphosed limestone mountain, of Taroko National Park, very rare.

Lysimachia chingshuiensis is a very distinguished species in sect. Nummularia, somewhat similar to L. deltoideae Whight. in NE India, Sri Lanka, and SW China, but distinct by leaves subsessil, subcoriaceous, flowers congested at apices of stem and branches, congested in capinate inflorescences.

Phenology: perennial

Life form: herb

Root: rooting at node or not: rooting at node

Stem: present

Stem: type: prostrate at base, slender

Stem: shape: terete

Stem: indumentum: crisp rusty hairs

Leaf: position: cauline

Phyllotaxy: opposite

Leaf: petiole: sessile

Leaf: blade shape: elliptic

Leaf: blade apex: obtuse

Leaf: blade base: cuneate, subamplexicaul

Leaf: blade margin: entire

Leaf: blade surface: glabrous

Leaf: blade texture: coriaceous

Leaf: blade length (mm): 4-8

Leaf: blade width (mm): 1.5-2.75

Inflorescence: solitary

Inflorescence: position: terminal

Scape: absent

Peduncle: length (mm): 1

Bract: absent

Calyx: shape: 5-parted

Sepal: shape: lanceolate

Sepal: margin: entire

Sepal: length (mm): 3-5

Corolla: color: yellow

Corolla: shape: rotate

Lobe: margin: entire

Lobe: length (mm): 8-10

Lobe: width (mm): 3-5

Filament fused into a ring or not: filament fuse to a ring

Filament inserted position: base of corolla lobe

Filament: indumentum: glabrous

Filament and anther relative length: filament about equal to anther

Stamens protruding from corolla or not: Stamens protuding from corolla

Capsule: dehiscence type: longitudinal

Distribution: limestone mountain


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