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Begonia longifolia Blume, Catalogus. 102. 1823.


Begonia longifolia

Credit: Ching-I Peng

  • Begonia aptera Blume
  • Begonia brachyptera Hayata
  • Begonia crassirostris Irmsch.
  • Begonia hayatae Gagnep.

    Plant terrestrial; evergreen; with very short rhizomes from which upright stems arise, monoecious. Stems green to reddish brown, to 110 cm long, 19 mm across, glabrous. Rhizomes greenish or reddish, to ___ cm long, ___ mm across, glabrous. Stipules caducous, narrowly deltoid to lanceolate, apex acuminate, margins entire, to 24 mm long, 19 mm wide, glabrous. Leaves many, upper surface green, lower surface greenish or reddish, asymmetric, lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, undivided, apex acuminate to cuspidate, base obtuse, margins irregularly denticulate or serrulate, 9-24 cm long, 3.5-8 cm wide, sparsely hispidous; venation palmate-pinnate; petioles, 3-12 mm long, to 5 mm across, glabrous. Inflorescences arise from stem, glabrous; peduncles (inflorescence axis) strongly reduced, ca. 2 cm long, 1.6 mm across, pendent; pedicel pendent. Bracts caducous, apex mucronate to acuminate, margins entire, to 19 mm long, 12 mm wide, glabrous. Staminate flowers: tepals 4, white, crateriformis, apex obtuse, glabrous, outer two broadly ovate to subglobose, 8-13 mm long, 6-12 mm wide, inner two elliptic, 7-11 mm long, 4-6 mm wide; androecium actinomorphic; filaments free, nearly equal in length, 0.8-1.4 mm long; anthers (number), yellowish, clavate, longer than filaments, 1.7-2.4 mm long, 0.4-0.6 mm across. Pistillate flowers: tepals 6, white, nearly equal, broadly elliptic to rotund, 7-12 mm long, 5-9 mm wide, glabrous; ovary green when blooming, inferior; styles 3, yellowish, free, forked once, yellowish, 4.9-5.4 mm long;; stigmas in a band and spiraled. Fruits berry-like, indehiscence, pendent, green, broadly ellipsoid, ___ mm long, 17-18 mm across, glabrous; indistinctly 3-ridged to conspicuously 3-horned; shallowly 3-grooved between locules; beaks 0-3 mm long. locules 3, axile placentation, placental branches 2 per locule.

    TAIPEI: Shihting-Huangtitien, Hsu & Lin 41 (HAST); Huangtitien, Yang 43 (TAI); Hsiaoyii, Chen 108 (HAST); Wulai, Peng 4688, 8355, 1000 (HAST), Sasaki s.n. Aug. 28, 1927 (TAIF), Jeng 2548 (TAI), Sasaki s.n. May 25, 1932 (TAI), Mutuda s.n. Jul. 25, 1918 (TAIF), Lai s.n. Mar. 31, 1971 (NTUF), Chuang 2310 (TAI); Fushan, Nakamuna 638 (TAI), Huang 1277 (TAI); Tatungshan, Kuo 5581 (TAI); Leikungpo-Hsiaoketou, Peng et al. 11965 (HAST), Peng & Hu 12271 (HAST); Kankou, Kao 7904(TAI), Sasaki s.n. Nov. 1, 1932 (TAI); Chengpai-Peichatienshan, Peng 8611 (HAST).
    ILAN: Taipingshan, Suzuki s.n., Aug. 15, 1928 (TAI).
    TAOYUAN: Peichatienshan, Peng 10132 (HAST), Mori s.n. May 25, 1908 (TAIF); Chiaopanshan, Hayata s.n. Jan. 1912 (TAIF).
    HSINCHU: Wuchihshan, Kawakami 1296 (Syntype of B. aptera Hay., TAIF).
    MIAOLI: Tahu, Kawakami et al. 57 (TAIF); Sanyii, Susuki s.n. Jul. 28, 1940 (TAI).
    TAICHUNG: Tungshih Forest Station, Chen 393 (HAST); Pahsiehshan, Sasaki s.n. Nov. 23, 1922 (TAIF); Lineng, Sasaki s.n. Nov. 21, 1922 (TAI); Taichung, Suzuki s.n. Jul. 17, 1936 (TAIF).
    NANTOU: Shuili, Peng & Chen 11952; Huisun Forest Station, Peng 12232 (HAST), Ou 8511 (TCF), Ying 1220 (NTUF); Meiyuan, Sasaki s.n. Nov. 29, 1922 (TAIF); Touchuang, Shimada 14181 (TAIF); Guandaushi, Liu s.n. Sep. 18, 1969 (TCF); Sun-Moon Lake, Ying 4991 (NTUF); Citou, Liu s.n. Apr. 1, 1971 (NTUF).
    HUALIEN: Fuyuan Butterfly Valley, Peng & Chen 11653 (HAST); Tatung-Tali, Chen 161 (HAST); Lienhuachih-Taomikengka, Mori s.n. Jul. 6, 1936 (TAI).

    Tebbitt, M.C.2003. Taxonomy of Begonia longifolia Blume (Begoniaceae) and related species. Brittonia 55(1): 19–29.

    Stolons: absent

    Stipules: caducous

    Stipules: shape: triangular, narrowly triangular

    Stipules: apex: acuminate

    Stipules: margin: entire

    Stipules: length (mm): 24 mm

    Stipules: width (mm): 19 mm

    Stipules: indumentum: glabrous

    Leaves: shape: lanceolate

    Leaves: apex: acuminate

    Leaves: margin: denticulate, serrulate

    Leaves: length (cm): 9-24 cm

    Leaves: width (cm): 3.6-8 cm

    Leaves: indumentum: glabrous, scaberulous

    Venation: palmate-pinnate

    Petioles: length (cm): 3-12 cm

    Petioles: diameter (mm): 5 mm

    Petioles: indumentum: glabrous

    Bracts: caducous

    Bracts: apex: mucronate, acuminate

    Bracts: margin: entire

    Bracts: length (mm): 19 mm

    Bracts: width (mm): 12 mm

    Bracts: indumentum: glabrous

    Peduncles:: pendulous

    Peduncles: length (cm): 2 cm

    Peduncles: diameter (mm): 2 mm

    Flowers: color: white

    Male flower petals: number: four

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: shape: broadly ovate

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: length (mm): 8-13 mm

    Outer 2 tepals of male flowers: width (mm): 6-12 mm

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: shape: elliptic

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: length (mm): 6-11 mm

    Inner 2 tepals of male flowers: width (mm): 4-6 mm

    Stamens: shape: clavate

    Anthers: length (mm): 1.7-2.4 mm

    Anthers: diameter (mm): 0.4-0.6 mm

    Filaments: shorter than anthers

    Filaments: length (mm): 0.8-1.4 mm

    Female flower tepals: number: six

    Female flower tepals: equality of size: equal, subequal

    The largest tepals of female flowers: shape:: broadly obovate

    Styles: number: three

    Styles: length (mm): 4.9-5.4 mm

    Ovary: shape: ellipsoid

    Locules number: three

    Fruits: typ: baccate

    Fruits: wings: wingless

    Seeds: shape: broadly ellipsoid

    Seeds: length (mm): 0.25-0.28 mm

    Seeds: diameter (mm): 0.18-0.21 mm

    Seed apex: shape: rotund

    Seed micropylar end: constricted

    Chrosome numer 2n=: 22

    Elevation (m): 50-2200 m

    Distribution: Taipei, Taoyuan, Ilan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Nantou, Hualien

    Plant: growth form: terrestrial

    Phenology: evergreen

    Stems: habit: with very short(or without) rhizomes from which upright stem arise


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