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Murdannia taiwanensis var. lilungensis var. nov.


Perennial herbs, stoloniferous. Roots fibrous, thickened, to 2.8 mm across. Stems dimorphic: the vegetative shoot acaulescent; the flowering shoots one to several per plant, ascending. Rosette leaves linear, 7.5-23 cm long, 5-9 mm wide, apex acuminate, the midrib above the leaf white, glabrous; cauline leaves linear to lanceolate, 2-5.5 cm long, 3-5 mm wide; sheath glabrous, ciliate at mouth. Prophyll sheathing, 5-15 mm long, apex bifid. Inflorescence terminal, consisting of a single cincinnus, 1-2 flowering shoots from axils of the cauline leaves; bracts ovate to lanceolate, ca. 5 mm long, ca. 3.6 mm wide, fugacious; bracteoles ca. 4 mm long, ca. 2.7 mm wide; pedicels 5-7.5 mm long. Flowers 18-22 mm in diam., dimorphic: in functionally male flowers the style central and straight, the pistil vestigial, ca. 3.4 mm long, stamens symmetrically arranged; in bisexual flowers the style curved to one side and stamens to the opposite side; sepals lanceolate, boat-shaped, greenish, equal, ca. 5.55 mm long, ca. 2.7 mm wide, apex obtuse; petals suborbicular to obovate, ca. 10 mm long, 7-9 mm wide, purple, veins conspicuous in fresh material. Fertile stamens 2, equal, antesepalous, anthers purple, narrowly elliptic-oblong, ca.1.6 mm long; pollen whitish; filaments ca. 8 mm long, bearded, the hairs moniliform, purple; staminodes 4, unequal, one antesepalous, the anther vestigial, the filament ca. 5 mm long, bearded; the others antepetalous, equal, antherodes trilobed, yellow, ca. 1.2 mm long, filaments ca. 3.6 mm long, bearded; ovary ellipsoid in outline, acutely 3-angled, ca. 2.2 mm long; style thickened toward the base, ca. 7 mm long, glabrous. Capsule trilocular, 3-valved, ellipsoid, 3-angled, ca. 5 mm long, locules 2-seeded, apex mucronulate. Seed brown, deltoid in outline, ca. 2.5 mm long, ca 1.6 mm wide, apex acute, base truncate, dorsiventral, dorsal surface convex, ventral carinate, scrobiculate, tomentum, embryotega semilateral, hilum linear. Chromosome number: n = 28.

Pingtung: Shihtzu Hsiang: Lilung shan, elev. ca. 300-500 m, Lu & Li 1660 (TNU); same loc., elev. ca. 500-600 m, Y. J. Chen et al. 386, 517, 835 (TNU).

Endemic, found in seeping stone wall along valley. Flowering in May.- Nov.

本分類群和前者十分相近,但花徑更大,可達2.2 cm,植株在開花時期會同時長出走莖,退化雄蕊頂端三全裂,裂較深,種子顏色較深,其他形態特徵、花粉形態及染色體數目皆無法區別,因此本研究將其處理為變種。目前僅在屏東里龍山發現此分類群。

Phenology: perennial herbs, evergreen

Roors form: roots fibrous, fleshy

Stems form: monomorphic stem, dimorphic stem

Monomorphic stems habit: stoloniferous

Dimorphic stems habit: vegetative shoot acaulescent, erect; flowering shoots ascending

Rooting at nodes or not: absent

Lateral shoots: not perforating

Phyllotaxis: spiral phyllotaxis

Leaves: petiole: sessile

Leaves: shape (if dimorphic leaves, selected by rosette leaves): linear

Leaves: apex: acuminate

Leaves: length (cm): 7.5-23

Leaves: width (cm): 5-9

Leaves indumentum: upper surface: glabrous

If upper surface glabrous, leaves indumentum: margin: glabrous

Prophyll: sheathing, apex bifid

Inflorescence: take plance: terminal

Inflorescence: rhipidium

Bracts: shape: lanceolate, ovate

Corolla: actinomorphic: petal 3, base free, equal or subequal

Flowers: bisexual, functionally male flowers

Sepals: sepal 3, equal

Sepals: color: greenish

Sepals: base: free

Sepals: shape: lanceolate

Sepals: indumentum: glabrous

Sepals: length (if dimorphic sepals, selected by anticous two) (mm): 5.55

Sepals: width (if dimorphic sepals, selected by anticous two) (mm): 2.7

Flowers: color: pink, purple, or blue

Petals: shape: obovate, suborbicular

Petals: length (mm): 10

Petals: width (mm): 7-9

Stamens form: trimorphic: fertile stamens 2

Ovarys: shape: ellipsoid

Ovarys: indumentum: glabrous

Ovarys: length (mm): 2.2

Styles: indumentum: glabrous

Styles: length (mm): 7

Capsules: dehiscence: dehiscent

Capsules: shape: ellipsoid

Capsules: trilocular

Capsules: indumentum: glabrous

Capsule locules seeds: number: 2

Capsules: length (mm): 5

Seeds: lengh (if dimorphic seeds, selected by dorsal one) (mm): 2.5

Seeds: width (if dimorphic seeds, selected by dorsal one) (mm): 1.6


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