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Pittosporaceae R. Brown


Habit: tree, shrub, liana

Important diagnostics: spiny stems or leaves

Taxon group: dicots

Leaf: position: alternate, verticillate/whorled

Leaf: nature: simple

Leaf: blade: margin: entire, lobed, cleft, parted or divided, dentate

Leaf: stipules: absent

Flowers: inflorescence: solitary, corymb, umbel, fascicle, cyme, panicle

Flowers: sexuality: bisexual, unisexual, polygamous

Flowers: symmetry: actinomorphic, zygomorphic

Flowers: sepal number/calyx lobes: 5

Flowers: sepal position: all free from one another, connate or basally connate

Flowers: petal number/corolla lobes: 5

Flowers: petal position: all free from one another, connate or basally connate

Flower: bractlet: present

Stamen: number: 5

Stamen: anthers: dorsifixed, basifixed, opening by longitudinal slits, 2-celled

Pistil: carpel: 2, 3

Pistil: ovary: 1-loculed

Pistil: ovule: 2 per locule, 3 per locule, 4+ per locule

Pistil: pistil: ovules parietal placentation, ovules axillary placentation, ovules attached to the base of the ovary

Ovary: position: superior

Fruit: types and characters: a capsule (incl. pod, follicle, etc.), fleshy (berry, drupe, pome)

Fruit: seed: 2 seeds, 3 seeds, 4+ seeds, winged

Seed: endosperm: seeds with endosperm

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