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Metasequoia Hu & W. C. Cheng

Habit: tree, deciduous

Sexuality: monoecious

Branchlets: subopposite or subwhorled, base with leaf scars or bud scales

Branches: irregularly whorled

Important diagnostics: with twisted leaf bases

Leaves: Position: spirally arranged, 2-ranked, decussate

Leaves: Shape: linear or lanceolate, flattened

Pollen Cone: Shape: spikes or panicles

Microsporophylls: decussate

Seed Cones: Position: terminal, solitary, pendulous

Seed Cones: Shape: globose, oblong

Seed scales: decussate, shield-shaped, cuneate

Seeds: Shape: compressed-obovoid

Cotyledons number: 2

Germination: epigeal


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