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Wen's Keys | Family List | Theaceae | Camellia

Camellia fleuryi (A. Chev.) Sealy

Habit: shrub, tree

Elevation (m): 780-1000 m

Distribution: other countries: Vietnam

Young Branch: glabrous, tenuous

Leaf upper surface: glabrous

Leaf texture: leathery

Leaf lower surface: glabrous

Leaf length (cm): 7-11 cm

Leaf width (cm): 2.5-4 cm

Leaf shape: oblong-elliptic, oblong

Leaf margin: serrulate

Leaf apex: caudately acuminate, falciform acuminate

Leaf base: broadly-cuneate

Lateral vein: pairs: 6-7

Petiole length (mm): 6-10 mm

Petiole: glabrous, sulcate

Flower: solitary

Flower position: axillary

Flower diameter (cm): 3 cm

Pedicel: absent

Bractlet number: 8-9

Bractlet: persistent

Bractlet shape: lunate, semiorbicular

Branchlet length (mm): 3-10 mm

Bractlet hairiness: glabrous outside, sericeous inside, margin ciliated

Sepal: leathery, persistent

Sepal number: 8-9

Sepal shape: semiorbicular

Sepal length (mm): 3-10 mm

Sepal hairiness: glabrous outside, margin ciliated, sericeous inside

Petal number: 5

Petal color: yellow

Petal shape: obovate

Petal length (mm): 15 mm

Petal: basally slightly connate

Stamen length (mm): 10 mm

Filaments hairiness: glabrous

Filaments: the base of outer filaments connate, not forming a tube

Ovary: glabrous, grooved

Ovary shape: suborbicular

Relative length of stamens and styles: stamens longer than styles

Style number: 3, 4

Style length (mm): 6-7 mm

Style: free

Fruit shape: oblate

Fruit height (cm): 2.5 cm

Fruit diameter (cm): 4 cm


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