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Athyrium erythropodum Hayata, Icon. Pl. Form. 4. 233. 1914. f. 163.


Athyrium erythropodum
Athyrium erythopodum Hayata in wild

Credit: Liu, Yea-chen

Rhizome stout, erect; scales pale brown, lanceolate. Stipes tufted, stramineous, 8-15 cm long, scaly at base; lamina ovate-lanceolate, tripinnatifid, 25-35 cm long, 10-15 cm wide; pinnae ascending, lanceolate-falcate, 10-15 cm long, 2.5 cm wide, petioles short; basal pinnae opposite or subopposite, medial pairs alternate; adaxial pinnules longer than abaxial; with spines on upper surface of rachis. Sori linear to round; indusia linear, curved or more often reniform, erose.


The Flora of Taiwan mentioned this species also occuring in S. Japan, but the Flora of Japan did not mention this species. The characters mentioned by Flora of Taiwan are wrong and be corrected here.

Habitat: Ridge, Edge of forest or side by the trail

Leaf shape: Deltoid

Apex of Leaf: Acuminate

Leaf Division: Bipinnate

Length of Stipe: 25 (20-40)

Length of Lamina: 40 (30-60)

Width of Lamina: 40 (25-60)

Stipe Color: Purple

Form of basal Pinnulate arrangement: Anadromous

Apex of Pinnae: Acute

Petioled in pinnae: Obvious Petiole (more than 3 mm)

Length of Lowest Pinnae: 20 (15-30)

Wideth of Lowest Pinnae: 7 (5-10)

Lowest pinnae with enlarged basiscopic pinnules (more than 3 mm): Yes, more than 3 mm

Apex of terminal fragment: Acute

Margin of terminal fragment: Serrulate, Deep Lobed

Type of Basal of Pinnule: Petiolulate

Anterior pinna or pinnule auriculate: not auricaulate

Lowest Pinnae with shorter basal pinnule: No, basal pinnule similar with next two pinnules

Second Lowest Pinnae with shorter basal pinnule: No, Basal Pinnulate similar with next two

Abaxial Surface of Rachis with Unicellular Hairs ?: No, glabrous

Abaxial Surface of Rachis with Gland Hairs?: No, there is no gland hairs on it

Abaxial Surface of Coaste with Unicellular Hairs ?: No, there is no unicellular hairs on costae (glabrous)

Type of Adaxial Costae Spines: Short spines

Spines Existing on Adaxial Costulate: Yes, spines Existing on costulate

Type of Scales on Basal Stipe: Lanceolate

Color of Scales on Basal Stipe: Shiny Black

With Adventitious Bud near the Apex of Leave: No, adventitious buds absent

Sori Shape: Short straight

Sori Position: Closed to midrib

Type of Rhizome: Short Erect

Geographic Distribution: Endermic in Taiwan

Altitude: 1500 (1300-2000)


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