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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Cyrtococcum Stapf


Cyrtococcum patens
cyrtococcum patens

Credit: CC Hsu

Perennials or annuals; culms mostly prostrate, sometimes scrambling, with erect flowering shoots. Inflorescence an open or contracted panicle and often branched from all sides. Spikelets pedicelate, falling as a whole, small, strongly laterally compressed, strongly convex on one narrow side, hence oblique and trigonous, unawned, 2-flowered; glumes and lower lemma herbaceous, veins very prominent; upper lemma and palea indurate at maturity; rachilla not produced; lower glume much shorter than spikelet, 3- veined; upper glume larger, strongly convex, 3-veined; lower lemma, as long as spikelet, slightly convex, 5-veined; lower palea small or 0; upper lemma distinctly sparated from lower lemma, boat shaped, coriaceous, smooth and glossy, glabrous, with narrowly inrolled, opaque margins; upper palea with margins incurved; lodicules 2; stamens 3; style 2, free, stigmas plumose, exserted laterally. Caryopsis free.

Eleven species, distributed in the tropical regions of the Old World; two species in Taiwan.


1 Spikelets less than 1.4 mm long, usually dark purple.   Cyrtococcum accrescens
+ Spikelets more than 1.5 mm long,green with tinge of purple.   Cyrtococcum patens

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