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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae

Thaumastochloa C.E. Hubb., Hooker's Icon. Pl. 34tt: t. 3313, 3314. 1936.


Annuals or perennials; culms tufted, weak, 3-5-noded. Sheaths shorter than the internode, keeled; blade linear, apex blunt. Inflorescence a more or less compressed raceme. Spikelets awnless, single, arranged on the side of the rachis; rachis articulating easily and forming a cavity at the internode. Pedicellate spikelet completely reduced, the pedicel connate with the internode of the rachis thus forming a cavity. Sessile spikelet borne in the cavity; lower glume coriaceous, glabrous or wrinkled on dorsal side; upper glume boat-shaped, membranous, 3-5-nerved; lower lemma membranous, barren, epaleate; upper floret bisexual and fertile; upper palea narrower, coriaceous.

About six species distributed in Northeastern Asia to Taiwan, the Philippines, Marianna and Caroline Islands, Moluccas, North Australia and Queensland.

Two species and one form are found in Taiwan.


1 Spikelets about 5 mm long by 2 mm wide; leaves about 5 mm wide   Thaumastochloa chenii
+ Spikelets about 3 mm long by 1.2 mm wide; leaves about 3 mm wide   Thaumastochloa cochinchinensis

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