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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae | Sphaerocaryum

Sphaerocaryum malaccense (Trin.) Pilger in Fedde, Repert. S. Nov. 45: 2. 1938. Ohwi in Bot. Mag. Tokyo 55: 395. 1941; Keng, l. c. 579. f. 513. 1959; Bor, l. c. 583. 1960; Hsu in Taiwania 16: 269. 1971, Taiwan Grass. 463. pl. 126. 1975; Gilliland, l. c. 126. f. 23. 1971.


Panicum malaccense Trin., Gram. Panic. 204. 1826.
Sphaerocaryum elegans Nees ex Steud., Nom. Bot. ed. 2. 2: 620. 1841.
Sphaerocaryum pulchellum (Roth) Merr. in Philip. Journ. Sci. Bot. 11: 52. 1916; Hitchc. in Lingn. Sci. 7: 199. 1931.
Steudelella pulchella Honda, l. c. 259. 1930.

Culm prostrate, rooting at basal nodes, nodes bearded. Blade ovate-cordate, amplexicaul, 1-2.5 cm long, ciliate-serrulate, subcoriaceous, ecostate; sheath shorter than the internode, ciliate along margins; ligule a ring of hairs; about 1.2 mm long. Panicle open, 2-5 cm long, branches capillary; pedicel glandular. Spikelets 1-flowered, about 1 mm long; glumes deciduous, membranous; lower glume about 6 mm long, nerveless, glabrous; upper glume naarly as long as the spikelet, 1-nerved; lemma pubescent, about 1 mm long; palea pubescent equaling the lemma; anther about 0.3 mm long. Caryopsis about 0.7 rrim long, ovate, brownish.

TAIPEI: Peitou, Sasaki s. n. Dec. l, 1929; Shihlin, Tanaka & Shimada 17840*. TAOYUAN: Nankan, Simozawa 916. NANTOU: Sun Moon Lake De Vo1 7485.

This is a broad-leaved delicate species growing in damp swampy places.

midrib 中肋: (no)not conspicuous

leaf surface 表面: (mid)upper surface with middle notch
between the veins

sclerenchyma 厚壁組織: (boscl)(bostr)on both sides of veins as
strand or girder

chlorenchyma 葉綠組織: (isach)cells elongate and radiate upward
like crab legs

bundle sheath 維管束鞘: (nks)bundle sheaths with
small amount of chloroplast

buliform cells not well developed 泡狀細胞不發達: (smreg)epidermal cells gradually enlarge
from vein to intervein

chlorenchyma cell number between two adjacent veins: 9

chloroplast form in bundle sheath 束鞘細胞內之葉綠體型式: (lit)with a little of chloroplast

mestome sheath 內束鞘細胞: (Xyms+)metaxylem pole adjacent with
mestome sheath

distance between two adjancent vein 脈間距: 260 micrometer

length/weidth ratio of bundle sheath in LS 束鞘細胞縱面長寬比: 3

chlorenchyma cell shape in LS 葉綠細胞縱面形狀: non -lobed


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