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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae | Arthraxon

Arthraxon quartinianus (A. Rich.) Nash in N. Amer. Flora. 17: 99. 1912. Ohwi, l. c. 11: 165. 1942; Senaratna, l. c. 187. 1956; Bor, l. c. 102. 1960; Hsu in Taiwania 16: 306. 1971, Taiwan Grass. 639.


Arthraxon quartinianus

Credit: cs kuoh

Alectoridia quariniana A. Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 2: 448. pl. 99. 1851.
Arthraxon okamotoi Ohwi, Act. Phytotax. Geobot. 11: 165. 1942; Koyama, Grass. Jap. Neighb. Reg. 444. 1987.

Culms decumbent, branching from nearly every node, lower nodes rooting. Blade ovate-lanceolate, amplexicaul, acute; liguie small, ciliate; sheath hairy along margin, usually shorter than the intemode. Inflorescence of 2 to several digitately arranged spike-like racemes; rachis many-noded, ciliate, easily falling off at each node. Spikelets dimorphic, paired, the one pedicellate and the other sessile; pedicellate spikelet reduced to a mere pedicel. Sessile spikelet laterally compressed, basal part with white haris; lower glume covered with tubercled bristles, the bristles shorter on the lower part and longer on the upper part; upper glume acute, margins membranous, hard on dorsal part, lower lemma shorter than the lower glume, membranous, nerves obscure, epaleate; upper lemma transparent, convex, awned; from the very base, awn geniculate.

KAOHSIUNG: Chishan, Okamoto s. n. (KYO, Type of A. okamotoi).

Distributed in India, Malaysia and China.

This species is found in southern Taiwan, and it seems to be of limited occurrence.


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