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Taiwan Gramineae | Family List | Poaceae | Thysanolaena

Thysanolaena latifolia (Roxb. ex Hornem.) Honda, J. Fac. Sc. Imp. Univ. Tokyo. 3, 3(1): 312. 1930. Hsu, Fl. Taiwan 5: 393. 1978; Koyama, Grass. Jap. Neighb. Reg. 246. 1987.


Thysanolaena latifolia

Credit: CC Hsu, 1975 Taiwan Grasses

  • Agrostis maxima Roxb..
  • Melica latifolia Roxb. ex Hornem
  • Thysanolaena maxima (Roxb.) O. Ktze.

    Tall reed-like perennial. Rhizome woody, prostrate, covered with scales. Culms erect. Blades narrowly lanceolate, tessellate-nerved, petiolate; ligule subcoriaceous, truncate, lightly brownish, sheath glabrous, smooth. Panicle large, open, outline elliptic, 30-50 cm long,very dense with many branches and numerous spikelets. Spikelets 1.5-2 mm long, 2-flowered, cylindrical, the margins ciliate-hispid; glumes chartaceous, 0.3-0.5 mm long, margins siliceous; lower glume apex sinus; upper glume apex rounded. Lower floret reduced to only a lemma; lower lemma acute at the apex, 1-nerved, chartaceous, 1.5 mm long. Upper floret 1 mm long; lemma subcoriaceous, ovate-deltoid, apex cuspidate, the margins with long glandular hairs, 3-nerved, 0.6-1 mm long. Caryopsis 0.5 mm long, elliptical.

    TAIPEI: Hsintien, Hsu 267; Wulai, Suzuki 6833. MIAOLI: Tahu, Chen 17. NANTOU: Puli, Hsu & Kuoh 11288. KAOHSIUNG: Liukuei, Hsu 3198. TAITUNG: Chihpen, Kao 7138.

    Distributed in southern China, Indo-China, India, and the Philippines.

    Widely spread in Taiwan.

    leaf surface 表面: (sha)upper surface with shallow notch
    between the veins

    sclerenchyma 厚壁組織: (boscl)(bostr)on both sides of veins as
    strand or girder

    chlorenchyma 葉綠組織: (armed)compact armed cells

    bundle sheath 維管束鞘: (nke)bundle sheaths without chloroplast

    buliform cells well developed 泡狀細胞發達: mainly appear in adaxial side

    with small vein under buliform cells泡狀細胞下有小脈: (fansh)bulliform set shell-shaped or fan -shaped

    chlorenchyma cell number between two adjacent veins: 8

    chloroplast form in bundle sheath 束鞘細胞內之葉綠體型式: (not)no chloroplast

    mestome sheath 內束鞘細胞: (Xyms+)metaxylem pole adjacent with
    mestome sheath

    distance between two adjancent vein 脈間距: 198 micrometer

    length/weidth ratio of bundle sheath in LS 束鞘細胞縱面長寬比: 2

    chlorenchyma cell shape in LS 葉綠細胞縱面形狀: lobed


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