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6. Cotoneaster microphyllus Wallich ex Lindley, Bot. Reg. 13: t. 1114. 1828 [‘1827’]. Type: Nepal, "Gossain Than," N. Wallich [Num. list. no 662], right hand specimen (Holotype: K-W).

Cotoneaster buxifolius Wallich ex Lindley f. cochleatus Franchet, Pl. Delavay. 224. 1890.

Cotoneaster cochleatus (Franchet) G. Klotz, Wiss. Zeitschr. Mart. -Luth.-Univ. Halle, Math.-Nat., vi. (Kult. Coton.-Art.u.-Form.) 952. 1957.

Cotoneaster glacialis (J. D. Hooker ex Wenzig) G. Panigraphi & A. Kumar, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 28(1–4): 75 (1986 publ. 1988).

Cotoneaster microphyllus var. cochleatus (Franchet) Rehder & E. H. Wilson in Sargent, Pl. Wilson. 1: 176. 1912; Type: China: Yunnan: "In monte Koua-la-po, prope Hokin, 3000 m": 27 May 1884: J. M. Delavay 784 (isotype: A: type fragment with photo ex P).

Cotoneaster microphyllus Wallich ex Lindley var. glacialis J. D. Hooker ex Wenzig, Linnaea 38: 195. 1874. Lectotype: India (Sikkim), Lachen, 4270 m, 15 Jul 1845, J. D. Hooker s.n. (Holotype: BM, isotype: K).

Cotoneaster microphyllus Wallich ex Lindley var. nivalis G. Klotz, Wiss. Z. Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle-Wittenberg, Math.-Naturwiss. Reihe 12(10): 780. 1963; Type: Nepal orientalis, Arun Valley, Thudam, east of Chyamtang, 3812 m, 21 May 1956, J. D. A. Stainton 381 (Holotype: BM).

Cotoneaster nivalis (G. Klotz) G. Panigrahi & A. Kumar, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 28(1-4): 75 (1986 publ. 1988).

Cotoneaster thymifolius var. cochleatus (Franchet) Franchet ex H. Léveillé, Cat. Pl. Yun-Nan. 229. 1916.

Shrubs, evergreen, dwarf, mostly prostrate or mound-forming, flexuous, to 1 m tall, with irregular, spreading branches. Branchlets spiralled, reddish brown to blackish brown, terete, initially yellow pubescent, gradually glabrate. Leaves spiralled; petiole 1–2 mm or more, pubescent; stipules caducous, lanceolate or linear, slightly pubescent; leaf blade shiny, pale to dark green, obovate to obcordate or lanceolate, 4–10(–16) × (1.5–)4–8(–9) mm, thickly to thinly leathery, midvein raised abaxially, impressed adaxially, abaxially glabrous or glabrescent, adaxially glabrous or sparsely pubescent, base broadly cuneate or slightly rounded, margin plane, apex obtuse or retuse, rarely acute. Inflorescences 1(–3)-flowered. Pedicel 2–3 mm, sparsely pubescent. Flowers 8–10 mm in diam. Hypanthium campanulate, abaxially pubescent at least initially. Sepals ovate-triangular, apex obtuse. Petals spreading, white, suborbicular, 2–4 mm and ca. as broad, apex obtuse. Stamens 15–20, shorter than petals; anthers pink to brownish or violet-black. Styles 2, not exceeding stamens. Fruit scarlet-red or crimson, globose or depressed globose, 5–6(–10) mm in diam.; nutlets (1 or)2(or 3). Fl. May–Jun(–Aug), fr. Aug–Oct(–Nov). 2n = 34, 51, 68, 102.

Open places, rocks, slopes, high mountain areas, thickets, roadsides; 1100–5400 m. Bhutan, S.W. China (Sichuan, Xizang/Tibet, Yunnan), India (incl. Sikkim), Kashmir, Myanmar, Nepal.

Specimens examined at A: Cent: Gandaki Zone, Manang Distr., around Bimtang (3530 m), 28°38'N. 84°24'E., 11 Aug 1994, M. Suzuki, N. Acharya, N. Fujii et al. 9450081; Cent.: Janakpur Zone, Dolakha Distr., Mali, 2300 m, 27°38'N. 86°14'E., 18 Jul 1995, F. Miyamoto, M. Amano, H. Ikeda, C. M. Joshi, M. Arai, T. Komatsu 9596014; West: Seti Zone, Bajhang & Bajura Distr., Khaptad National Park, 2980-3030 m, 29°23'N. 81°09'E., 27 Aug 1991, M. Suzuki, H. Hatta, N. Kurosaki, et al. 9161039; Nepal: between Tibrikot and Dunai, Dolpo Distr., 10 Sep 1976, H. Tabata, K. R. Rajbhandari, K. Tsuchiya 3408; East: Sagarmatha Zone, Solukhumbu Distr., Sarkari Pati (3400 m), 27°37'N. 86°36'E., 30 Aug 1995, ; East: Sagarmatha Zone, Solukhumbu Distr., 26 Jul 1995, F. Miyamoto, M. Amano, H. Ikeda, C. M. Joshi, M. Arai, T. Komatsu 9596156; Cent.: Bagmati Zone, Rasuwa Distr., 28°12'N. 85°36'E., 22 Jul 1992, H. Takayama, K. Arai, F. Miyamoto 9239200; East: Chepna Ridge, 2743 m, 12 May 1965, Banerji 1634; Cent: Dhawalagiri Zone, Mustang Distr., 2440 m, 28°42'N. 83°39'E., 25 Aug 1994, M. Mikage, N. Fujii, T. Kajita, et al. 9480208; West: Dhaulagiri Zone, Mustang Distr., 2480 m, 5 Aug 1996, T. Hoshino, M. Amano, H. Koba et al. 9666167; Mechi Zone, Taplejung Distr., 27°40'N. 87°46'E., 25 May 1992, M. Suzuki, N. Acharya, S. Akiyama et al. 9240308; Nepal: Kakarni in mts. ca. 2438 m, near Kathmandu, 17 Apr 1969, G. H. Pride 1083; Nepal: Near Lumsum, 2438 m, 25 May 1954, J. D. A. Stainton, V. R. Sykes & L. Williams 2586; Nepal: Dojam Khola, near Jimikot, 3048 m, 30 May 1952, N. Polunin, V. R. Sykes & L. Williams 4213.

The fruit is used medicinally.

stem: posture: prostrate

plant: height: 10-100 cm tall

stem: branchlet: color: black, brown, red

stem: branchlet: indumentum: type: glabrate, pubescent

leaf: petiole: length: 1-2 mm

leaf: blade: shape: lanceolate, obcordate, obovate

leaf: blade: length: 0.4-1.6 cm long

leaf: blade: width: 0.15-0.9 cm wide

leaf: blade: length: width ratio: 1-2.7

leaf: texture: leathery

leaf: blade: abaxial surface: indumentum type: glabrescent, glabrous

leaf: blade: adaxial surface: indumentum type: glabrous, pubescent

leaf: blade: base: cuneate, rounded

leaf: blade: apex: obtuse

inflorescence: type: fascicled flowers, solitary flowers

petal: color: white

inflorescence: flowers: number: 1-3

petal: posture: spreading

pedicel: length: 2-3 mm

hypanthium: indumentum: type: glabrescent, pubescent

stamens: number: 15-20

anthers: color: black, brown, pink, violet

fruit: color: crimson, red, scarlet

fruit: shape: depressed, globose

fruit: diam.: 5-10 mm

nutlets: number: 1-3

flowering: May, Jun, Jul, Aug

fruiting: Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

distribution: elevation: 1100-5400 m


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