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Asteropeia mcphersonii G.E. Schatz, Lowry & A.-E. Wolf
    Adansonia, ser. 3 21 (2): 263, (1999).

Asteropeia mcphersonii
isotype at P: McPherson 17528

Credit: MNHN, France

Distribution: Endemic to Madagascar

Bioclimate: Humid, Subhumid

Vegetation Formation: Forest

Elevation (m): 500-999, 1000-1499

Province: Toamasina

Protected Areas : Analamazaotra-Périnet, Zahamena

Published Red List Status: VU A3c; B1ab(iii,v); C1 (IUCN Red List treatment)

Description: Asteropeia mcphersonii is a shrub to large tree distributed in mid-elevation forest in a narrow band from Ambatovy to Zahamena RNI. A member of the “A. micraster complex” by virtue of its sessile flowers subtended by bracteoles, A. mcphersonii can be distinguished from its presumed relatives, A. micraster and A. labatii, by its smaller, more coriaceous leaves that are mostly twice as long as broad, with strongly revolute margins often folded back under the lamina in dried specimens, and by its spreading to reflexed calyx lobes (versus a cupuliform calyx with the lobes ascending to erect in A. micraster).

Shrub to large tree to 25 m tall. Petiole 2-6 mm long, terete, lamina extremely coriaceous, obovate to sometimes elliptic, (2.5-)3-6.0 X (0.7-)1-3.3 cm, base cuneate to attenuate, margin strongly revolute, often folding back on itself in dried specimens, apex rounded to truncate, occasionally emarginate, venation obscure, completely lacking on the lower surface, faintly visible and raised on the upper surface with 4-6 secondary veins per side, glossy glabrous above. Inflorescences axillary at apex of stem and thus appearing terminal, solitary, the main axis to 5 cm long, with 7-12 perpendicular secondary axes, each progressively shorter from base to apex; flowers sessile, subtended by 2-4 tightly imbricate, acute bracteoles; calyx of 5 sepals fused at their base, the lobes 2.5 X 1.2 mm, accrescent in fruit; petals free, 2.1 X 1.2 mm, caducous; stamens 10, filaments fused at their base into a ring, free portion 2.2 mm long, anthers 0.3 mm long; ovary pyramidal to ovoid, 1.5 mm diam, 1.5-1.7 mm tall, stigma sessile with 3 recurving lobes, long. Fruit 2.8-3.3 mm diam, 2.5-3.2 mm tall, broadly ovoid to subglobose or nearly oblate, subtended by the persistent calyx, lobes spreading, 3.8-4.5 X 1.8-2.2 mm, shiny scarious.

Type(s) of syns and other voucher(s): RABENANTOANDRO.J 136 (MO, P, TAN)

Updated on: 04 Aug. 2003

Distribution map:


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