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Tsai-Wen Hsu's Flora | Family List | Solanaceae

Brugmansia Pers.

Datura suaveolens Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd., Enum. Hort. Berol. 227. 1809; Liu & Ou, F1. Taiwan 4: 531. 1978.

Shrub or small tree, transection of stem circle, velutinous. Leaves ovate, subentire, apex acute or acuminate, base rounded or obtuse, often dimidiate 74-220 mm long, 27-110 mm wide, apex acute, base rounded, with pubescent; petiole 8-69 mm long. Inflorescene axillary, flowers solitary near the apex of branches, flowers large, showy, fragrant, pendulous; pedicel 33-43 mm long. Flowers white, large, fragrant, pendulous; sepal lobed 5, glabrous, 20-29 mm long, 10-16 mm wide; corolla white 94-282 mm long, pendent, tubiform,tube less than half as wide as calyx mouth, abruptly expanded above calyx; petal 5, velutinous, campanulat. Stamens 5, filaments inserted just below the middle of tube, sometimes geniculate, pilose near point of insertion, velutinous, 48-178 mm long; anthers cohering in a cylindrical tube, glabrous, 18-38mm long, 2.4-2.6 mm wide. Pistil 1, ovary glabrous, style 220-232 mm long; stigma dichotomous. Fruit fusiform, 20 cm long; seeds 8-12 mm across, rugose.

TAIPEI: Chishingshan, Chen 62. NANTOU: Hsienshih to Tienti, Shimizu 10401.

Native of South America, widely cultivated in tropical gardens. In Taiwan, occasionally long persistent after cultivation. Not known to priduce mature fruit in Taiwan.

Habit: Small tree

Stem: transection: Circle

Stem: surface: Velutinous

Leaf division: type: Simple

Leaf margin: type: Entire

Petiole: shape: Terete

Inflorescene: position: Axillary

Inflorescene: type: Solitary

Sepal: number: 5

Sepal: surface: Glabrous

Petal: number: 5

Petal: surface: Velutinous

Stamens: number: 5

Filament: surface: Velutinous

Anther: surface: Glabrous

Pistil: number: 1

Ovary: surface: Glabrous

Style: surface: Glabrous

Stigma division: number: 2

Lower Taxon


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