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8. Bergenia Moench, Methodus. 664. 1794.
[nom. cons.]

岩白菜属 yan bai cai shu

Pan Jintang ; Douglas E. Soltis

Bergenia crassifolia

Credit: Tatyana Shulkina

Herbs perennial, forming large clumps. Rhizomes creeping, large, thick, scaly. Leaves all basal, ± persistent, simple, waxy, often leathery; petiole short, broad, sheathing at base; leaf blade thick, margin entire, crenate, or dentate. Infloresences cymose, bracteate. Flowers showy, large. Sepals 5. Petals 5, white, pink, red, or purple. Stamens 10. Carpels 2, basally connate; ovary 1/4 subsuperior, proximally 2-loculed with axile placentation and distally 1-loculed with marginal placentation; styles 2; ovules many. Fruit a capsule. Seeds numerous, dark brown, small.

Ten species: Asia; seven species (three endemic) in China.

At least two species (Bergenia crassifolia and B. pacumbis) are cultivated as ornamentals and for medicinal use, and they have been considerably hybridized. Bergenia is most closely related to Mukdenia and Oresitrophe; other close relatives are Astilboides, Darmera Voss, and Rodgersia.

1 Sheathing petiole base and leaf blade glabrous at margin.   (2)
+ Sheathing petiole base and often also leaf blade ciliate at margin.   (4)
2 (1) Pedicels, hypanthia, and sepals glabrous   1 B. scopulosa
+ Pedicels, hypanthia, and sepals ± glandular hairy.   (3)
3 (2) Inflorescence branches, pedicels, hypanthia, and sepals sparsely subsessile glandular   2 B. crassifolia
+ Inflorescence branches, pedicels, hypanthia, and sepals densely long glandular hairy   3 B. purpurascens
4 (1) Leaf blade narrowly obovate, margin entire, not ciliate; petals narrowly obovate   4 B. emeiensis
+ Leaf blade orbicular, broadly ovate, or obovate, margin subentire, obscurely crenate, dentate, serrate, or doubly serrate, ciliate; petals subspatulate, elliptic, or orbicular.   (5)
5 (4) Leaf blade orbicular or broadly ovate to broadly obovate, margin subentire or obscurely crenate; inflorescence branches and pedicels sparsely subsessile glandular; sepals spreading, glabrous, apex sometimes sparsely dentate; petals orbicular   5 B. pacumbis
+ Leaf blade obovate to broadly so, margin dentate, serrate, or doubly serrate; inflorescence branches and pedicels long glandular hairy; sepals glandular hairy, apex not dentate; petals subspatulate or elliptic.   (6)
6 (5) Leaf blade dentate and serrate, subsessile glandular, margin only proximally ciliate; sepals subsessile glandular, veins mostly confluent at apex, margin glabrous; petals elliptic   6 B. tianquanensis
+ Leaf blade serrate or doubly so, glabrous, margin ciliate; sepals abaxially long glandular hairy, veins not confluent at apex, margin denticulate-ciliate; petals subspatulate   7 B. stracheyi

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