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163. Cleisostoma Blume, Bijdr. 362. 1825.

隔距兰属 ge ju lan shu

Authors: Xinqi Chen & Jeffrey J. Wood

Sarcanthus Lindley (1826), not Lindley (1824).

Herbs, epiphytic or rarely lithophytic, monopodial, small to medium-sized. Stems erect or pendulous, rarely creeping, long or short, rigid, branched or unbranched, many noded. Leaves few to many, distichous, dorsiventrally flattened or terete, base usually jointed and sheathing, apex bilobed or acute. Inflorescence racemose or paniculate, lateral, axillary or opposite leaves, erect, horizontal, or pendulous, few to many flowered; floral bracts small, much shorter than pedicel and ovary. Flowers small, ± fleshy. Sepals free, usually spreading. Petals free, often smaller than sepals; lip adnate to column by its base or back margins of lateral lobes, immovable, spurred at base, 3-lobed; disk often with longitudinal lamellae or ridges; spur conic, cylindric, or saccate, often longitudinally septate inside, rarely septum reduced to a narrow keel, usually with a callus on back wall and often with outgrowths on front wall closing entrance. Column short, stout, foot short; rostellum small; pollinia 4, appearing as 2 unequal masses, waxy, subglobose, with a common stipe and a solitary small and subglobose to broad and horseshoe-shaped viscidium.

About 100 species: Sri Lanka, India, mainland SE Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia to the Philippines, New Guinea, Pacific islands, and Australia; 16 species (four endemic) in China.

1 Leaves cylindric or subcylindric, terete, 2-3 mm in diam   (2)
+ Leaves dorsiventrally flattened, more than 4 mm wide   (6)
2 (1) Leaves 6-11 cm   (3)
+ Leaves 17-33 cm   (4)
3 (2) Column with apical stelidia, glabrous; stipe broadly ovate-triangular or miter-shaped; viscidium crescent-shaped.   12 C. williamsonii
+ Column without stelidia, densely hairy at base in front; stipe nearly suborbicular; viscidium U-shaped.   15 C. simondii
4 (2) Stipe nearly square; viscidium large, wider than stipe, U-shaped.   16 C. nangongense
+ Stipe ovate-lanceolate; viscidium small, nearly as wide as stipe, suborbicular   (5)
5 (4) Back wall callus inside spur bilobed.   13 C. fuerstenbergianum
+ Back wall callus inside spur stellate, with thickened ridges adaxially.   14 C. filiforme
6 (1) Stipe not linear, base geniculate-folded; viscidium large, crescent-shaped, U-shaped, or saddle-shaped   (7)
+ Stipe linear or slightly clavate, base not folded; viscidium very small, suborbicular   (9)
7 (6) Mid-lobe of lip obtuse, entire, without apical bristles or tails.   11 C. paniculatum
+ Mid-lobe of lip acuminate or acute, with 2 apical bristles or 2 tails   (8)
8 (7) Inflorescence longer than leaves, branched; sepals and petals ca. 1 cm.   9 C. birmanicum
+ Inflorescence shorter than leaves, unbranched; sepals or petals ca. 6 mm.   10 C. striatum
9 (6) Leaves acute and unlobed at apex   (10)
+ Leaves obtuse and unequally bilobed at apex   (12)
10 (9) Stems more than 20 cm; anther cap beaked at apex.   6 C. rostratum
+ Stems 1-3 cm; anther cap not beaked at apex   (11)
11 (10) Back wall callus inside spur T-shaped, almost as long as wide (apical part).   7 C. longioperculatum
+ Back wall callus inside spur not T-shaped, conspicuously longer than wide.   8 C. menghaiense
12 (9) Stems stout, 2-2.5 cm in diam.; leaves 3-4 cm wide.   1 C. racemiferum
+ Stems ca. 1.5 cm in diam.; leaves 1.3-2.4 cm wide   (13)
13 (12) Stipe slightly clavate   (14)
+ Stipe linear   (15)
14 (13) Flowers yellow; lateral lobes of lip subquadrate, nearly as long as mid-lobe; anther cap long beaked at apex.   2 C. medogense
+ Flowers purplish red; lateral lobes of lip triangular, shorter than mid-lobe; anther cap not beaked at apex.   3 C. linearilobatum
15 (13) Stems less than 10 cm; flowers golden yellow with red stripes.   4 C. parishii
+ Stems more than 20 cm; flowers yellowish green.   5 C. uraiense

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