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FOC | Family List | FOC Vol. 16 | Convolvulaceae

11. Convolvulus Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 153. 1753.

旋花属 xuan hua shu

Plants annual or perennial, prostrate, erect, or strangling or twining herbs, or cushionlike or erect shrubs; axial parts usually pubescent, hairs simple or 2-armed. Leaves simple, petiolate or sessile, margin entire or ± lobed. Flowers axillary, peduncled, solitary or in various kinds of inflorescences. Sepals equal or unequal, middle sepal asymmetric (exposed 1/2 similar to outer 2 sepals, enclosed 1/2 similar to inner 2 sepals), persistent, not enlarged. Corolla funnelform or campanulate; limb shallowly lobed or entire, with 5 ± distinct midpetaline bands. Stamens included, inserted at corolla base; filaments dilated basally, filiform apically; pollen ellipsoid, 3- (or 4)-colpate, not spiny. Disc ringlike or cupular. Pistil included; ovary 2-loculed; ovules 2 per locule. Style 1, filiform; stigmas 2, linear, cylindric, or clavate. Capsule 2-loculed, 4-valved or irregularly dehiscent. Seeds 1-4, black or brown, often verruculose, pubescent, rarely glabrous.

Approximately 250 species: widely distributed; eight species in China.

1 Twining herbs; leaves sagittate, cordate, or hastate basally, petiolate or subsessile.   (2)
+ Shrubs, subshrubs, or prostrate, erect, or ascending herbs; leaves attenuate or decurrent basally, rarely rounded, sessile to subsessile.   (3)
2 (1) Leaves petiolate, leaf blade ovate-oblong to ovate, 10-40 mm wide; outer sepals retuse apically   7 Convolvulus arvensis
+ Leaves subsessile or basal leaves with petioles to 5 mm, leaf blade linear to linear-oblong, 3-5 mm wide; outer sepals acuminate-cuspidate apically   8 Convolvulus steppicola
3 (1) Shrubs or subshrubs, often with densely straggling branches; twigs spinescent.   (4)
+ Perennial herbs; stems erect, prostrate, or ascending, not spinescent.   (6)
4 (3) Sepals glabrous or sparsely pubescent, unequal, outer 2 broadly ovate-circular, base cordate, distinctly wider than inner ones   1 Convolvulus gortschakovii
+ Sepals hirsute to tomentose-villous, outer 2 neither cordate basally nor distinctly wider than inner ones.   (5)
5 (4) Stems 20-50 cm tall, with short spreading flowering branches often ending in 1 or 2 spines; flower buds often ± reflexed.   2 Convolvulus fruticosus
+ Stems 4-10(-15) cm tall, forming a ± compact cushion, flowering branches without spines, other twigs with hard spines; flower buds never reflexed   3 Convolvulus tragacanthoides
6 (3) Stems erect; leaves and sepals glabrous or ± appressed pilose abaxially; most cymes long pedunculate, much longer than leaves; sepals apically ± obtuse, mucronulate   4 Convolvulus pseudocantabricus
+ Stems prostrate or ascending; leaves and sepals densely silvery or golden sericeous; cymes short, hidden amongst leaves; sepals apically acute or acuminate.   (7)
7 (6) Leaves linear or linear-oblanceolate, 1-4 mm wide; flower usually solitary; corolla 0.8-1.5 cm   5 Convolvulus ammannii
+ Leaves oblanceolate to oblong-oblanceolate, 5-25 mm wide; flowers 3 or 4 together, rarely 1 or 5; corolla 1.5-2.5 cm   6 Convolvulus lineatus

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