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17. Deutzia Thunberg, Nov. Gen. Pl. 19. 1781.

溲疏属 sou shu shu

Huang Shumei (Hwang Shu-mei); Hideaki Ohba; Shinobu Akiyama

Deutzia rehderiana

Credit: Harvard University Herbaria

Neodeutzia Small.

Shrubs stellate hairy. Branchlets opposite; buds enclosed by imbricate scales. Leaves opposite, exstipulate, subdeciduous. Inflorescences racemose, paniculate, corymbose, or cymose, rarely a solitary flower. Calyx tube adnate to ovary, campanulate, 5-lobed. Petals 5, induplicate, valvate, or imbricate. Stamens 10(-15), 2-seriate; filaments subulate, flat, or dilated and apex 2-dentate; anthers shortly stalked, subglobose. Ovary inferior, rarely subinferior, 3-5-loculed; ovules numerous, in many series on fleshy placenta. Styles 3(-5), free; stigma terminal or decurrent. Fruit a capsule, subglobose, 3(-5)-valved, dehiscing loculicidally or between styles. Seeds numerous, oblong, compressed; testa membranous, reticulate, apex winged; embryo borne in middle of fleshy endosperm.

About 60 species: warm temperate regions of the N hemisphere; 50 species (41 endemic, two introduced) in China.

Several species are cultivated as ornamentals.

1 Petals imbricate, usually broadly ovate, obovate, or orbicular.   (2)
+ Petals induplicate or valvate, oblong or ovate-oblong, rarely obovate.   (10)
2 (1) Filaments subulate, toothless or only inner ones dentate; petals white, rarely pink.   (3)
+ Outer filaments dentate, inner ones variable, usually apex acuminate or 2-lobed; petals pink, rarely white.   (5)
3 (2) Plants glabrous, except bud scales and leaf blades sometimes stellate hairy adaxially   1 D. glabrata
+ Plants ± stellate hairy.   (4)
4 (3) Leaf blade adaxially 5(or 6)-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 6-12-rayed stellate hairy; filaments subulate, toothless or only inner 2 dentate; petals white   2 D. parviflora
+ Leaf blade adaxially 4- or 5(or 6)-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 5-8-rayed stellate hairy, central rays usually long; filaments subulate, toothless; petals pink   3 D. mollis
5 (2) Teeth of outer filaments subequaling or longer than anther stalks; inflorescences 5-15(-21)-flowered; stellate hairs of inflorescences and leaf blade veins without papilliform base.   (6)
+ Teeth of outer filaments shorter than anther stalks; inflorescences 15-80-flowered; stellate hairs of inflorescences and leaf blade veins with papilliform base.   (8)
6 (5) Leaf blade abaxially glaucous, glabrous or 3-5-rayed stellate hairy; petals white or pinkish at apex; branchlets and inflorescences glabrous   4 D. hypoglauca
+ Leaf blade abaxially greenish, 5- or 6(or 7)-rayed stellate hairy; petals pink; branchlets and inflorescences stellate hairy.   (7)
7 (6) Pedicel slender, 1-2 cm; inflorescences 5-10-flowered; leaf blade oblong or ovate-oblong, rarely lanceolate, apex acute; flowering branchlets usually 4-leaved   5 D. rubens
+ Pedicel robust, 8-12 mm; inflorescences 11-21-flowered; leaf blade ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-lanceolate, apex acuminate; flowering branchlets usually 6-leaved   6 D. muliensis
8 (5) Outer anther stalks ca. 2 mm, ca. 1/2 as long as filaments; inner anther stalks borne between filament teeth   9 D. bomiensis
+ Outer anther stalks 1-1.5 mm, less than 1/2 as long as filaments; inner anther stalks borne at middle of filaments abaxially.   (9)
9 (8) Leaf blade abaxially sparsely 6-8-rayed stellate hairy, hairs of 2 types (minute and larger ones)   7 D. compacta
+ Leaf blade abaxially densely 8-10(-15)-rayed stellate hairy, hairs uniform   8 D. hookeriana
10 (1) Filaments all 2-dentate at apex, teeth not reaching anthers or, if longer, horizontal or recurved, falcate; anthers borne between filament teeth.   (11)
+ Only outer filaments 2-dentate at apex, teeth ± level with or exceeding anthers, rarely shorter; inner filaments not 2-dentate at apex; anthers borne at middle or near apex of filaments abaxially.   (22)
11 (10) Flowering branchlets to 4 cm; inflorescences 1-3(-5)-flowered; filament teeth horizontal or recurved, falcate, exceeding anthers.   (12)
+ Flowering branchlets more than 4 cm; inflorescences more than 5-flowered; filament teeth not reaching anthers.   (13)
12 (11) Leaf blade abaxially densely 7-11-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum continuous   20 D. grandiflora
+ Leaf blade abaxially sparsely 5- or 6(or 7)-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum discontinuous   21 D. baroniana
13 (11) Inflorescences cymose; calyx lobes subequaling or longer than tube, rarely shorter.   (14)
+ Inflorescences paniculate, racemose, or cymose paniculate; calyx lobes ca. 1/2 as long as calyx tube.   (15)
14 (13) Leaf blade abaxially greenish gray, elliptic-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, 5-10 × 2-3 cm; filament teeth acute at apex   18 D. discolor
+ Leaf blade abaxially gray, ovate or elliptic-ovate, 3-5 × 1.5-2 cm; filaments teeth obtuse at apex   19 D. silvestrii
15 (13) Leaf blade adaxially 3- or 4-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 4- or 5(or 6)-rayed stellate hairy.   (16)
+ Leaf blade adaxially 4- or 5(-7)-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 10-22-rayed stellate hairy, rarely glabrous on both surfaces or only abaxially sparsely stellate hairy.   (18)
16 (15) Inflorescences slender, racemose or narrowly paniculate, glabrous; calyx sparsely hairy; filaments 2-dentate at apex or outer ones toothless   10 D. gracilis
+ Inflorescences robust, cymose paniculate, hairy; calyx densely hairy; filaments all 2-dentate at apex.   (17)
17 (16) Petiole less than 2 mm on flowering branchlets or almost absent; hairs on leaf blade veins with long central rays and papilliform base   11 D. faberi
+ Petiole 2-4 mm on flowering branchlets; hairs on leaf blade veins with neither long central rays nor papilliform base   12 D. taiwanensis
18 (15) Flowering branchlets glabrous; leaf blade abaxially glabrous, or if hairy then rather sparsely so   13 D. glauca
+ Flowering branchlets stellate hairy; leaf blade hairy on both surfaces, abaxially more densely so.   (19)
19 (18) Leaf blade abaxially grayish green, densely stellate hairy, indumentum continuous.   (20)
+ Leaf blade abaxially green, sparsely stellate hairy, indumentum discontinuous.   (21)
20 (19) Petiole 5-15 mm on flowering branchlets; leaf blade adaxially 6-12-rayed stellate hairy; petals 10-12 mm; capsule 6-7 mm in diam.   14 D. pulchra
+ Petiole 1-2 mm on flowering branchlets; leaf blade adaxially 4-7(or 8)-rayed stellate hairy; petals 5-8 mm; capsule 4-5 mm in diam.   15 D. ningpoensis
21 (19) Calyx yellowish brown stellate hairy; calyx tube ca. 2.5 × 2 mm, lobes ovate   16 D. crenata
+ Calyx grayish green stellate hairy; calyx tube ca. 3 × 4 mm, lobes deltoid   17 D. schneideriana
22 (10) Capsule globose or subglobose, with persistent, incurved calyx lobes.   (23)
+ Capsule hemispheric, rarely obconical or campanulate, with persistent, erect, rarely recurved calyx lobes.   (30)
23 (22) Leaf blade adaxially reticulate rugose when dry   44 D. crassifolia
+ Leaf blade adaxially not rugose when dry.   (24)
24 (23) Leaf blade abaxially grayish, densely 8-16-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum continuous   45 D. multiradiata
+ Leaf blade abaxially greenish or grayish green, sparsely 5-9(or 10)-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum discontinuous.   (25)
25 (24) Leaf blade glossy, leathery, margin thorny serrate   46 D. coriacea
+ Leaf blade not glossy, papery or membranous, margin serrulate.   (26)
26 (25) Stellate hairs of branchlets and leaf blades with long central rays; calyx lobes ovate or ovate-lanceolate; petiole 1-3 mm   47 D. pilosa
+ Stellate hairs of branchlets and leaf blades without long central rays, except those on leaf blade veins; calyx lobes deltoid or ovate deltoid; petiole 3-5 mm.   (27)
27 (26) Leaf blade narrowly lanceolate, 2.5-4.5 × 0.4-0.6(-1.2) cm, base rounded   48 D. esquirolii
+ Leaf blade ovate, ovate-oblong, or -lanceolate, 3-7(-12) × 1.5-3 cm, base rounded or broadly cuneate.   (28)
28 (27) Stellate hairs of abaxial leaf surface with papilliform base   50 D. setchuenensis
+ Stellate hairs of abaxial leaf surface without papilliform base.   (29)
29 (28) Leaf blade abaxially densely grayish green stellate hairy, reticulate veins conspicuously elevated; petals 3-4.5 mm   49 D. cinerascens
+ Leaf blade abaxially sparsely yellow-green or greenish stellate hairy, reticulate veins inconspicuous; petals 5-12 mm   50 D. setchuenensis
30 (22) Calyx lobes shorter than tube.   (31)
+ Calyx lobes subequaling or longer than tube.   (40)
31 (30) Inflorescences 3-5(-11)-flowered; leaf blade abaxially greenish, sparsely 5-8(-10)-rayed stellate hairy.   (32)
+ Inflorescences 6-25-flowered; leaf blade abaxially grayish green, densely 8-14-rayed stellate hairy.   (33)
32 (31) Inflorescences corymbose cymes, pedicels 1-2 cm; teeth of outer filaments exceeding anthers   23 D. cymuligera
+ Inflorescences cymes, pedicels 3-5 mm; teeth of outer filaments ± level with anthers   22 D. rehderiana
33 (31) Styles slightly longer than stamens; inner anthers borne near apex of filaments abaxially.   (34)
+ Styles shorter than or subequaling stamens; inner anthers borne at middle of filaments abaxially, rarely between teeth.   (36)
34 (33) Petals pink; calyx tube 3.5-4 × 4-4.5 mm, lobes deltoid or broadly ovate; styles 4(or 5)   31 D. wardiana
+ Petals white; calyx tube ca. 3 × 2.5 mm, lobes ovate or ovate-oblong; styles 3(or 4).   (35)
35 (34) Capsule hemispheric, persistent calyx lobes erect; margin of leaf blade regularly serrulate   29 D. staminea
+ Capsule obconical or obcampanulate, persistent calyx lobes recurved; margin of leaf blade alternately coarsely serrate and serrulate   30 D. crassidentata
36 (33) Leaves dimorphic, suborbicular on basal flowering branchlets; petals 13-14 mm   28 D. heterophylla
+ Leaves monomorphic, not suborbicular on basal flowering branchlets; petals 6-12 mm.   (37)
37 (36) Leaf blade subleathery; petals narrowly elliptic, obovate-oblong, or oblong, ca. 3 × as long as wide.   (38)
+ Leaf blade papery; petals broadly elliptic or obovate, ca. 2 × as long as wide.   (39)
38 (37) Apex of outer filaments shouldered, subrounded, or 2-lobed with lobes not reaching anthers   24 D. obtusilobata
+ Apex of outer filaments 2-dentate, teeth oblong, ± level with anthers   25 D. monbeigii
39 (37) Petals 10-12 × 5-6 mm; stellate hairs of leaf blade with long central rays   26 D. yunnanensis
+ Petals ca. 8 × 4 mm; stellate hairs leaf of blade without long central rays   27 D. breviloba
40 (30) Styles shorter than inner stamens; petals 4.5-7 mm.   (41)
+ Styles subequaling or longer than stamens; petals more than 7 mm.   (42)
41 (40) Leaf blade abaxially gray-white, densely stellate hairy, indumentum continuous; calyx lobes narrowly lanceolate, base less than 1 mm wide   32 D. albida
+ Leaf blade abaxially greenish, sparsely stellate hairy, indumentum discontinuous; calyx lobes lanceolate, base ca. 1 mm wide   33 D. taibaiensis
42 (40) Stellate hairs of branchlets and inflorescences with papilliform base.   (43)
+ Stellate hairs of branchlets and inflorescences without papilliform base.   (44)
43 (42) Leaf blade 3-10 × 1.5-3 cm, abaxially 5-9(-11)-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum discontinuous; calyx lobes subequaling tube, leathery   34 D. aspera
+ Leaf blade 1-2.5 × 0.7-1.4 cm, abaxially densely stellate hairy, indumentum continuous; calyx lobes longer than tube, membranous   35 D. glaucophylla
44 (42) Leaf blade 2-5(-8) × 0.6-2 cm; inflorescences 3-4(-5) cm in diam.   (45)
+ Leaf blade (3-)5-12(-15) × (1-)1.5-3 cm; inflorescences 4.5-8 cm in diam.   (46)
45 (44) Calyx lobes lanceolate, membranous; leaf blade abaxially greenish, indumentum discontinuous   36 D. glomeruliflora
+ Calyx lobes subulate, subleathery; leaf blade abaxially grayish green, indumentum continuous   37 D. subulata
46 (44) Calyx lobes 5-8 mm, ca. 2 × as long as tube, membranous   43 D. calycosa
+ Calyx lobes 2.5-5 mm, subequaling or slightly longer than tube, leathery.   (47)
47 (46) Leaf blade papery or thinly leathery, abaxially sparsely stellate hairy.   (48)
+ Leaf blade leathery, abaxially densely stellate hairy.   (49)
48 (47) Leaf blade oblong-lanceolate or lanceolate, adaxially 4-6-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially yellowish brown, 7-9(-13)-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum appressed   41 D. nanchuanensis
+ Leaf blade broadly ovate-lanceolate or ovate-oblong, adaxially 4- or 5-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially greenish, 4-8(-10)-rayed stellate hairy, indumentum not appressed   42 D. purpurascens
49 (47) Leaf blade ovate; flowering branchlets 18-22 cm; petals white   40 D. zhongdianensis
+ Leaf blade lanceolate or elliptic-lanceolate; flowering branchlets 5-15 cm; petals purplish.   (50)
50 (49) Leaf blade adaxially 4-6(or 7)-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 8-12-rayed stellate hairy, hairs along veins with long central rays   38 D. longifolia
+ Leaf blade adaxially 6-8-rayed stellate hairy, abaxially 12-16-rayed stellate hairy, hairs without long central rays   39 D. squamosa

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