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7. Dinetus Buchanan-Hamilton ex Sweet, Brit. Fl. Gard. 2: t. 127. 1825.

飞蛾藤属 fei e teng shu

Dinetopsis Roberty.

Twiners, herbaceous. Leaves simple, petiolate, cordate, herbaceous, margin entire (lobed in 1 species), venation pedate; veins raised abaxially, often winged. Inflorescences solitary or paired, axillary, bracteate racemes or panicles; bracteoles usually minute scales (sepal-like in D. duclouxii), basal to calyx. Pedicel filiform. Flowers often fragrant. Sepals free and quincuncial or short connate basally and valvate distally, equally enlarged or outer 3 larger, reflexed or clasping, with (5 or) 7 or 9 (or 11) longitudinal veins basally. Corolla funnelform or nearly salverform, entire to 5-lobed, glabrous except for an apical tuft of hairs. Stamens included; filaments glabrous or basally pilose; anthers linear to sagittate; pollen 3-colpate, not spiny. Disc ringlike, 5-lobed, or absent. Pistil included; ovary unilocular; ovules 2. Style often jointed proximally; stigma ellipsoid, entire or slightly 2lobed. Fruit papery, indehiscent. Seed 1, often longitudinally keeled, smooth, glabrous.

Eight species: Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam; six species in China.

Fang Rhui-cheng considers Dinetus as a synonym of Porana.

1 Fruiting sepals ± unequal, loosely clasping fruit; corolla 1.5-4 cm, rose, pink, lavender, blue, or violet (to yellowish or white).   (2)
+ Fruiting sepals ± equal, reflexed at maturity (clasping in D.dinetoides); corolla (not known in D.truncatus) typically less than 1 cm, white, with divided limb.   (4)
2 (1) Bracteoles 3, immediately below calyx, ± sepal-like; plants ± sticky glandular   3 Dinetus duclouxii
+ Bracteoles 2, part way down pedicel, minute, scalelike; plants pubescent or glabrous, never sticky glandular.   (3)
3 (2) Corolla funnelform, 1.7-2.3 cm, tube widening from base upward; fruiting sepals flat   1 Dinetus decorus
+ Corolla nearly salverform, 3-4.5 cm; tube cylindric, with a basal swelling; fruiting sepals concave   4 Dinetus grandiflorus
4 (1) Leaves pubescent on both sides; corolla campanulate; fruiting sepals 6-10 1.5-3 mm, sometimes ciliate   2 Dinetus dinetoides
+ Leaves subglabrous adaxially; corolla funnelform; sepals 9-21 2.5-5 mm.   (5)
5 (4) Fruit ellipsoid, apex acute or apiculate   5 Dinetus racemosus
+ Fruit broadly obovoid to rhomboid, apex truncate or depressed   6 Dinetus truncatus

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