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15. Lomatogonium A. Braun, Flora. 13: 221. 1830.

肋柱花属 lei zhu hua shu

Lomatogonium perenne

Credit: Harvard University Herbaria

Pleurogyne Eschscholtz ex Chamisso & Schlechtendal; Swertia subgen. Lomatogonium (A. Braun) Satake; Pleurogynella Ikonnikov.

Herbs annual or perennial. Roots fibrous or woody; primary root with few secondary rootlets or rhizomes and with few fleshy adventitious rootlets. Stems prostrate, ascending, or erect, striate or angled, branched or simple. Inflorescences few- to many-flowered, terminal and axillary cymes, sometimes flowers solitary and terminal. Flowers (4- or) 5 (or 10)-merous. Pedicel usually longer than flower. Calyx and corolla rotate, lobed nearly to base or with a distinct tube. Corolla lobes dextrorse in flower bud, distinctly 2colored when corolla opens. Nectaries 2, at base of corolla lobes. Stamens inserted at base of corolla tube; filaments somewhat flattened; anthers blue, rarely yellow, shorter than or rarely as long as filaments. Ovary ensiform, cylindric, or ovoid-ellipsoid. Style absent; stigma lobes ± decurrent along carpel sutures. Capsules 2valved, many seeded. Seed coat almost smooth.

Eighteen species: North America, temperate Asia, Europe; 16 species in China.

1 Perennials.   (2)
+ Annuals.   (5)
2 (1) Corolla lobes broadly obovate, to 1 cm wide, apex rounded; calyx lobes apically subrounded.   (3)
+ Corolla lobes narrowly oblong, elliptic, or elliptic-lanceolate, to 0.6 cm wide, apex obtuse; calyx lobes apically obtuse or acute.   (4)
3 (2) Stem leaves more than 1 pair; flowers always erect, in a 2-6-flowered terminal racemelike inflorescence   2 Lomatogonium oreocharis
+ Stem leaves absent or reduced to 1 pair; flowers usually nodding at anthesis, solitary or rarely with 1 or 2 additional axillary flowers   3 Lomatogonium stapfii
4 (2) Corolla dark blue, without lines, lobes narrowly oblong; stem leaves oblong-spatulate to oblong, base obtuse; stem simple   1 Lomatogonium perenne
+ Corolla pale blue, with distinct deep blue lines, lobes elliptic-lanceolate to elliptic; stem leaves lanceolate to broadly lanceolate, base subamplexicaul; stem fastigiate branched from base   4 Lomatogonium longifolium
5 (1) Nectaries without a raised margin, yellow; corolla white; stem branched only apically   16 Lomatogonium micranthum
+ Nectary with a lamellate margin, white; corolla pale blue to blue-purple (white tinged blue in L. forrestii var. bonatianum); stem often branched from base and sometimes at middle, rarely simple.   (6)
6 (5) Calyx and corolla tubes distinct, (1.5-)2-3 mm; ovary ovoid-ellipsoid; marginal lamellae not connate.   (7)
+ Calyx and corolla tubes indistinct, 1-1.5 mm; ovary not ovoid-ellipsoid; nectary base connate into a tube pointed outward.   (10)
7 (6) Anthers 1-1.5 mm, ovoid, yellow   13 Lomatogonium brachyantherum
+ Anthers 1.5-2.5 mm, ellipsoid, blue.   (8)
8 (7) Calyx lobes obovate-spatulate, base narrowed, sinus between lobes rounded   15 Lomatogonium chumbicum
+ Calyx lobes linear or ovate-oblong to narrowly ovate, base not narrowed, sinus between lobes acute.   (9)
9 (8) Stem leaves obovate; calyx lobes ovate-oblong to narrowly ovate   14 Lomatogonium gamosepalum
+ Stem leaves and calyx lobes linear   12 Lomatogonium zhongdianense
10 (6) Apex of stem leaf blades acute to obtuse.   (11)
+ Apex of stem leaf blades acuminate.   (13)
11 (10) Calyx lobes ovate to elliptic or rarely lanceolate; basal leaves short petiolate   5 Lomatogonium carinthiacum
+ Calyx lobes ovate-lanceolate or linear to linear-lanceolate; basal leaves sessile.   (12)
12 (11) Inflorescences racemelike, usually in many-flowered panicles; calyx lobes ovate-lanceolate; stem leaf base rounded to subcordate   6 Lomatogonium bellum
+ Inflorescences cymose, few flowered; calyx lobes linear to linear-lanceolate; stem leaf base obtuse   7 Lomatogonium macranthum
13 (10) Corolla lobes to 2.5 cm; calyx as long as or slightly shorter than corolla   9 Lomatogonium rotatum
+ Corolla to 1.6(-1.8) cm; calyx 1/2-2/3 as long as corolla.   (14)
14 (13) Stems 2-7 cm, simple or few branched; leaf blade papillose; pedicel filiform; corolla lobe apex acute to obtuse; calyx lobes with a black margin   11 Lomatogonium sikkimense
+ Stems 12-40 cm, much branched; leaf blade not papillose; pedicel linear; corolla lobe apex acuminate; calyx lobes without a black margin.   (15)
15 (14) Stems and pedicels glabrous; leaf blade lanceolate to elliptic   8 Lomatogonium forrestii
+ Stems and pedicels densely papillose; leaf blade linear   10 Lomatogonium lijiangense

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