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25. Macaranga Du Petit-Thouars, Gen. Nov. Madagasc. 26. 1806.

血桐属 xue tong shu

Authors: Huaxing Qiu & Michael G. Gilbert

Trees or shrubs, mostly dioecious (some forms of M. andamanica monoecious); indumentum usually of simple hairs and whitish to reddish glandular scales. Leaves alternate; stipules small or enlarged; petiole insertion often peltate; leaf blade undivided or lobed, base with glands, abaxially glandular-scaly; venation palmate or pinnate. Inflorescences axillary, sometimes at old leafless nodes, unbranched, branched, or females capitate or 1-flowered, unisexual, very rarely bisexual (M. andamanica); bracts sometimes with glands. Flowers 1 or few to many per bract. Male flowers: calyx closed in bud; sepals 2-4, valvate; petals absent; disk absent; stamens [1-]2-22[-30]; filaments free or shortly connate; anthers 3- or 4-locellate; pistillode absent. Female flowers: calyx cup-shaped or urceolate, apex denticulate or lobed, sometimes truncate, caducous or persistent; petals absent; disk absent; ovary 1-6-locular; styles simple, free, rarely shortly connate, stigmatic surface papillose. Fruit a capsule, (1 or)2- or 3(-6)-locular, smooth or spiny, often glandular scaly. Seeds subglobose, smooth.

About 260 species: Africa, tropical Asia, Australia, Madagascar, Pacific islands; ten species in China.

This account has been revised in line with the posthumous "Prodromus of Macaranga" of T. C. Whitmore, which was in press at the time of writing.

1 Stipules subulate, erect, crowded at branchlet tips; male inflorescences spicate   (2)
+ Stipules broadly lanceolate to ovate; male inflorescences paniculate with 2 or 3(or 4) orders of branching   (3)
2 (1) Stipules and budscales chocolate brown, with sparsely spreading white hairs; female spikes with terminal flowers and fruits; male spikes threadlike, flower clusters 1-1.5 mm wide, never malformed.   1 M. andamanica
+ Stipules and budscales chestnut brown, glabrous; female flowers and fruits spaced along top of spike; male spikes with ca. 1 mm in diam. axis, flower clusters 3-4 mm wide, often malformed as witches’ brooms.   2 M. lowii
3 (1) Leaves peltate, petiole inserted (0.3-)1-4 cm from margin; branchlets often 8-10 mm thick   (4)
+ Leaves not or only narrowly peltate with petiole inserted 0.1-0.3 cm from margin; branchlets 2-4 mm thick   (6)
4 (3) Twigs strongly angled and ridged, densely fawn-furfuraceous; stipules lanceolate, 7-8 mm.   3 M. denticulata
+ Twigs terete, furfuraceous, glabrescent; stipules ovate to broadly ovate or triangular, 1.5-3 mm   (5)
5 (4) Stipules ovate, erect, subpersistent; leaves without glands near petiole insertion.   4 M. tanarius var. tomentosa
+ Stipules broadly ovate, sometimes recurved, soon caducous; leaves nearly always with a few conspicuous glands on main veins near petiole insertion.   5 M. indica
6 (3) Leaf apex caudate, sometimes tricuspid; stipules filiform, 3-4 mm; styles ca. 10 mm, threadlike.   6 M. kurzii
+ Leaf apex acute to acuminate or broadly cuspidate-acuminate; stipules ovate-oblong or lanceolate, 5-14 × 2-4 mm; styles to 7 mm   (7)
7 (6) Leaf blade 10-25 × 3.5-7 cm; male inflorescences 6-10 cm, branches ca. 3 cm; fruiting pedicel 7-15 mm.   7 M. henryi
+ Leaf blade 8-16 × 4-15 cm; male inflorescences 8-14 cm, branches 3-8 cm; fruiting pedicel 2-7 mm   (8)
8 (7) Twigs glabrous; stipules glabrous, somewhat persistent.   8 M. sinensis
+ Twigs yellowish brown tomentose when young; stipules furfuraceous or tomentose, sometimes caducous   (9)
9 (8) Stipules ovate-lanceolate or triangular, 4-6 mm wide, tomentose, recurved, subpersistent; leaf margin repand or subentire.   9 M. pustulata
+ Stipules lanceolate, 2-3 mm wide, pubescent, erect, soon caducous; leaf margin repand or coarsely serrate.   10 M. sampsonii

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